Kitchen Utility/Work area Tour – design and organizing ideas  – Kitchen Series – 2
Kitchen Utility/Work area Tour – design and organizing ideas – Kitchen Series – 2

hello Friends, Welcome to Queen Bee Paradise. Today’s Video is all about the most functional
space of my home, Its my kitchen Utility Tour.
We have a very narrow utility area, which doesnt look so beautiful, but it is very very functional.
In such a small space I have organized many things in a very functional way. This video includes lot of
useful organizing tips for you. So please watch the video, till
the end. Before getting started , Subscribe to queen
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from this channel. Our kitchen utility is a very narrow space,
its only 3 and half feet wide. We have utilized this space
to the maximum extent possible but still we have some free
space to stand and work comfortably. When we enter the utility from the kitchen,
we will first see the washing machine placed under the granite
slab, it is such a space saving idea.. isn’t it?. Above that on top of the granite, I have placed
my wet grinder. All of us know how messy the place
can become when we grind batter in wet grinder. Since this
messy work is done at the utility , I am able to maintain my
kitchen space neat. since I have a sink nearby, after grinding
the batter, I can wash the drum here and i will place it on
the grill for drying.After the work is done, I just keep
it covered. The sink here is bigger than my kitchen sink,
so most of my vessel washing happens here. Even When my
maid comes she can just come to the utility and work. I have posted a seperate video on this kitchen
drain system and how to maintain the sink without clogging,
bad smell etc. Please find the link for that video in the
icard or in the description box. Next to the sink I have kept these baskets
to drain vessels. As I get direct sunlight here my vessels get
dried up quickly.I always put big vessels seperately
in this basket. Small cups, tumblers, lunch boxes will be
put seperately in this basket. Spoons,knives etc will be put
in this container. This method is really useful when we need
to find something in a hurry. I use this cup to take dishwashing liquid
while washing vessels. After finishing the work, the scrubs
will be put in this sponge drainer for drying. I am finding
this product very useful, I will leave the online link
for this product in the description box. Check it out. On the right side, there is a cabinet which
holds the washing powder and few other cleaning supplies. Above that is kitchen chimney pipe outlet. below the Sink we have placed the gas cylinders
, it is a safer option to keep the gas cylinders in
the utility. You can see a copper pipe connection going inside
the kitchen.We have an On/off control knob from inside kitchen
as well. On this side we have grills, this box type
grill is a kind of extension to my utility space. I have placed
some tiles underneath so this space can be used very
efficiently. I use this space for drying grains.. I have tied 2 strings like this, so i can dry my dish clothes and
kitchen towels here . I also hang the wet mop here for drying. I have placed the dustbins in this place.
In our apartment we seggregate wet waste and dry waste in these
bins before disposal. Now let us see how i have utilized the space
behind the door for organizing things.On the wall I have fixed
this stainless steel rod, I use these hooks to hang the cleaning
mops, plastic broom etc.. on the top i have placed
the broom. I have used some command hooks to hang the
dustpans. On the backside of the door. I have put some
heavy duty command hooks. to hang these bags. These hooks
can hold 2kgs of weight each, I have used 3 of them. These
hooks are pretty sturdy. If you wish to buy online. Please
find the link the description box. In this red bag i have placed
some newspapers for dustbins .. we may need newspapers
for wrapping wastes sometimes, so it is handy
to pick it from here.Behind this, in this white bag, I have
placed some large size plastic covers. Small plastic bags are stored under my kitchen
sink like this, I have already posted a video on the
under the sink organization. Please check it out. you can
find the link in the description box. Hope you found the video useful. If you had
liked the tips shared , Give me a thumbsup and share the
video with your friends and family. Thanks for watching bye bye.

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