Klimt Kiss Art Nouveau Bathroom Italian Tile Design Tribute ReStore
Klimt Kiss Art Nouveau Bathroom Italian Tile Design Tribute ReStore

So here’s a bathroom that I did with some salvage tile. And it was, they were samples from a tile shop. And they had all different colours, but only one of each. So, I had a bunch of time on my hands, which is what you need when you do something like this. And I thought I could make this into a sort of an art nouveau bathroom. So those tiles going around there are beautiful. They’re Italian tiles. I’ve seen them in a McDonalds bathroom the other day. Those little white ones. But all of these, I only had one of each tile, big ones. Some lady had to end a tile shop, and she dropped her tiles off at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore place, and I happened to be in there, and I bought them all. Anyway, all you need is some patience, some time, one of those hundred dollar tile saws, and some ingenuity as to how to put them all together. Even the ones that go around the top, the black ones, they were all different. They were her samples. And I made those work. Had little bits left over, so I did the backsplash around the mirror, and the little frame around the mirror. Vanessa’s from Austria, so we had this Gustav Klimt The Kiss tile, and we worked that in there, as a feature. On a trip to Italy, I had bought this north wind thing, so I ended up getting that in, for the shower, which worked out really well. And they had these, couple of these mechanical looking tiles, with the screw heads kind of worked into them, so I was able to do that too, in the area where the tap, or the faucet handle is. Worked out great. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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