Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to
STUDIO KNIT. I think it’s time to add to the SUMMER KNIT SERIES and because I
love creating cyanotypes that is a process of making really pretty pictures
in the sunshine I thought it would be really fun to combine CYANOTYPES and
KNITTING to create something entirely new now anybody can do this project all
ages you do want adult supervision because
there is some chemical processing involved and you don’t have to be a
knitter you can take any sort of knitted item that you have in your closet a sock
anything will work a scarf and you can do this project along with me as well
cyanotype is a vintage developing process it was created in 1842 it used
to make blue prints natural sunlight exposure makes all the magic happen
placing objects onto cyanotype paper allows the light to create a silhouette
effect and makes photographs the finished product has your exposed areas
of your paper developing into a vibrant Prussian blue while the area is covered
up by your knitwear well retain the original white color of your paper so
all of the materials that I’m using in this video as well as where I purchase
them are available over on my website at STUDIO KNIT and all of the detailed
written instructions are over there as well so just sit back relax enjoy
watching my project unfold and then when you’re ready to do your own hop on over
to the WEBSITE and you’ll have a whole rundown of everything that you need to
get started I’m going to create my own cyanotype paper there is pre-made paper
that you can purchase it makes things a lot easier but creating your own paper
is actually a lot more cost effective and pretty fun following the
instructions follow the sensitizer set that I purchased here
you fill up both bottles A and B each with water shake them and then allow
them to sit for at least 24 hours before you prepare your paper so it’s the next
day and I am ready to coat my watercolor paper with the solutions safety first
and so we are working with chemicals make sure you have some gloves I’m
wearing some disposable latex gloves here I worked in a pitch-dark bathroom
with a vintage photography Paterson safe light that I saved from my Dad’s
darkroom but I’m going to do a few samples here in the light so you can see
exactly what I’m doing using a paintbrush simply start stroking the
mixed solution on to your paper you can either do it really perfectly and a very
thin layer is all that you need it takes a very little amount you can do really
clean strokes or you can enjoy even more painterly effects by dripping and
swirling your solution I even did a few or after it dried I went back and added
more so while I was preparing the paper I thought it would be interesting to
also brush the solution on a little knitted swatch so I’m going to create an
additional video and we can see how that turns out I haven’t done it yet the
little swatches are currently drying they take a lot longer to dry than the
paper here does so as soon as that’s ready I will post that video here on my
so that you can see how that turned out as well
once your cyanotype paper is dry it has sort of muted green chalky look to it
and using a blocking mat and pins I am going to take different swatches from my
KNIT STITCH PATTERNS and I’m gonna just stretch them as far as I can
and pinned them down on the mat and then sliding my cyanotype paper face up
and pinning it down securely in place I stretched out the material so that the
Sun has more area to penetrate the paper because that’s where the blue occurs and
once you’ve covered your paper with your knitwear then you’ll want to put a pane
of glass on top of everything I just popped out some glass from some photo
frames I’ve brought my project out into the Sun the ideal time is at solar noon
so that the sun is shining directly down upon you so high noon isn’t always at 12
o’clock daylight savings time and your exact location on the map is a
factor so I found a website it’s called I’ll have a link for you it
helps determine exactly what time your area has the Sun in that solar noon
position you can also look down at your own shadow and if it’s directly under
you then it’s time and I’m weighing everything down with a few rocks it’s a
little windy out and I just want to make sure that everything stays in place and
then keeping it out in the Sun for about 5 to 15 minutes the longer the better as
long as your objects don’t shift and that Sun doesn’t shift too much in the
sky either coming back inside it’s time for the big reveal and you can
immediately take your paper out and see the different designs you’ll see that
your paper still has a dull chalky look to it oh this one is cool this is the
CABLE HEART and that came out really crazy and just as I hoped the ZIGZAG
pattern turned out great too I did a little combo on this one with a RIB STITCH and the DAISY STITCH once you’ve removed your cyanotype paper from your
knitwear it is back time oh and I am using my gloves again
because I’m working directly with the chemicals using cool water run your
paper directly under the stream I also have a little bin here use materials
that you are not going to eat with them since this is chemicals I’m just using a
little craft bin here and that’s gonna catch the water so just save on water I
sort of let it sit in the bath a little bit the water is having the chemicals so
there’s like a bluish greenish tint to the water and I continue this bath and I
dump out the water about three times until the water in that bin runs clear
and during the bath process you’ll begin to see that beautiful vibrant blue and
the crisp white appearing it’s really fun the paper watercolor paper holds up
really well to this for obvious reasons and for extra vibrancy your print design
will become more pronounced as it dries but you can also speed up that process
so with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per each cup of water I’m going
to do four cups of water so that is four teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide finish it
up by swishing your artwork for about five minutes in this little bath
solution and then lay out to dry and no longer with the chalky look there’s a
real vibrancy to this blue each pattern definitely created its own really cool
unique design and print I’m super happy with the results and to
finish up my project I am going to frame it I found this really cool frame by
Umbra I’ll have a link in the description below if you’d like to check
it out and it makes a really beautiful clean crisp pretty design and if you are
a STUDIO KNITTER it’s always really fun to find ways to show your love of
knitting sort of in a unique way in any room of your house or office my neck
cyanotype project will be making these prints directly on knitted swatches
themselves it’s gonna be really interesting to see what that process is
and exactly how they turn out I hope you are inspired to create your own
cyanotype artwork with your knitwear thank you so much for watching please
like up this video I have more really fun videos at my SUMMER KNIT SERIES that I know you’re going to love I have the playlist and everything you need to know
down in the description below and I will see you next time, Guys. BYE!

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