Last to Leave GAME MASTER ESCAPE ROOM w/Rebecca Zamolo and FaZe Rug! (Mystery Device Found irl)
Last to Leave GAME MASTER ESCAPE ROOM w/Rebecca Zamolo and FaZe Rug! (Mystery Device Found irl)

100 thoughts on “Last to Leave GAME MASTER ESCAPE ROOM w/Rebecca Zamolo and FaZe Rug! (Mystery Device Found irl)”

  1. FaZe Rug says:

    Wait who was that girl with red eyes?? I'm so confused!

  2. livley craft pro's survivers says:

    It was Rebeca's twin her name is rz twin

  3. Keade Rodriquez says:

    Check seat 3 and seat 7

  4. Keade Rodriquez says:

    RZ twin is pretending to be you

  5. Keade Rodriquez says:

    RZ twin traped him

  6. abraham keda says:

    If anyone saw a q mask in the guys hand

  7. Andrew Miller says:

    he,s lieing.

  8. Louise MacDonald says:

    Please can you shout out me

  9. Daniella Picariello says:

    that divice is a lazer

  10. kylynn mcgill says:

    The rz twin is bad

  11. Eyelin Huerta says:

    I think you should let him

  12. Eyelin Huerta says:

    I saw something blue

  13. Tearran Paul says:

    Yes. You. Can

  14. Adara Pryor says:

    Her name is rz twin

  15. Brody Kot says:

    Yes yes…

  16. Lizeth Medina says:

    My bus is 175πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  17. Chocolate Choclate says:

    There is a GM paper on one of the seats

  18. Kopila Sitoula says:

    Rz twin said

  19. Kopila Sitoula says:

    Vey are going on a Mishima

  20. Roberto Alonzo says:


  21. The dimond Heart says:

    I don’t now

  22. Taniesha Travis says:

    Faze lying

  23. JW - 04DD - Brookmede PS (1326) says:

    maybe faze can dress up as a quadrent member so you wont get noticed

  24. JW - 04DD - Brookmede PS (1326) says:

    check the emergency exit

  25. Rosiethebabypotato Boo says:

    A new user has edited this comment.

    We are watching you. You are the RZ twin

  26. Unicorn Person says:

    I heard that faze rug weren't the one down there the school bus weren't close to the tracking device try code 1846 from by quaint

  27. Unicorn Person says:

    He is constipated did you know that he lost 3 years of memory

  28. Unicorn Person says:

    In bus 37 I saw a orange and yellow note

  29. Temur Zakhidov says:


  30. Elvise Anatole says:


  31. Keith Colemon says:

    the fist bus that had the one window opened there was something blue but i couldn't figure out what it was

  32. Amy Dunn says:

    Is GaZe rug the you tuber

  33. Amy Dunn says:

    RUUUN or call the ploese

  34. dry bones studios says:

    1 lie

  35. dry bones studios says:

    2 lie

  36. dry bones studios says:

    Faze should come

  37. Jaynjasncjs Mum says:

    Who likes matt and Rebecca. Like if you doπŸ’ŸπŸ‘‡


    he is telling the turth

  39. Maria Belloz says:

    I saw a Blue note on a bus😟😟😟

  40. Ann Annadrn says:

    He is telling the truth

  41. Ann Annadrn says:

    I see a camera

  42. Zendaya Eady says:

    The rz twin

  43. London Harris says:


  44. Anthony Trim says:

    Yes he is

  45. Anthony Trim says:

    No he is not

  46. Anthony Trim says:

    No is not

  47. Anthony Trim says:

    Goth no lok

  48. Anthony Trim says:

    I bo now l

  49. Anthony Trim says:

    He is working for the ouadrant

  50. Anthony Trim says:

    I don't do

  51. Mks Famleee says:

    i think he is ling to you guys dont listen to him

  52. sumreena Kamran says:

    Rz twin for sure bad

  53. Harry Bulmer says:

    I fink yes Rebecca

  54. Kenzi Middleton says:

    He is telling the truth I know faze rug I love him he is the best

  55. Kenzi Middleton says:

    The girl is r

  56. Kenzi Middleton says:

    The girl is Rebeccas clone

  57. myhuni4eva says:

    No one is going to tell you

  58. Jasmine Barton says:

    I saw a blue paper in the locked yellow bus

  59. Lacey Shoemaker says:

    the gamemaster is looking for you πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

  60. Kerianny Saez says:

    The was gold . He might be the game Master

  61. Brenda Boring says:

    I think he is turn

  62. Melai Nicer says:

    May be the red hood is sending it

  63. marc daigle says:

    GoTo the numbers on the rock

  64. marc daigle says:

    The numbers of the school buses

  65. Jasmin Martinez says:

    He's not telling the truth

  66. safiatou Diakite says:

    He's not telling the truth😀😑😠

  67. Destiny Garcia says:

    2.5k are haters. Flex on those hater

  68. crystal moore says:


  69. Shatoyia Gill says:

    He's not telling the truth

  70. Shatoyia Gill says:

    Let him help

  71. Jillian Steuber says:

    Let faze rug help you

  72. Kalis Kalis says:

    He doesn't tell the truth

  73. Paulo Kolio says:

    I seen something blue in the window that was open

  74. Robert Watson says:

    Her name is RZ twin

  75. Rochelle Locke says:

    What do they mean by cloneπŸ€”

  76. Rochelle Locke says:

    😦Go hurry up go to 37!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😦

  77. Rochelle Locke says:


  78. Caleb McDaniel says:

    He's telling the truth

  79. Caleb McDaniel says:


  80. Henry Hodges says:


  81. Sean Littles says:


  82. Sara Johnson says:

    Can I get 1 like please a baby girl is 1 years old now please!!!!!

  83. Dara Perkins says:

    he probably meant the cheer that was under the numbers a37 so look for a chair and on top like on the white part of the bus and if you see 37 you search that chair

  84. Dameon Parker says:

    Rz twin

  85. Dameon Parker says:

    My birthday is today December 1 so so can I get one like from each one of you guys

  86. Lasure Family says:


  87. Antonette Fernandez says:

    Faze Rug is telling the truth

  88. Noha Kandil says:

    A blue sticky not

  89. 3599johnson says:

    Rz twin

  90. Cutelys :3 says:

    the fakest thing evah

  91. Kym Gadson says:

    I saw something blue

  92. Miracle Johnson says:

    Yes I yes I trust you

  93. Sandra Michlovitch says:

    yes let

  94. Yuliana Martinez says:

    Go out together

  95. Elijah Rozier says:

    RZ twin such a sneakster but I don't think FaZe rug is working for the quadrant

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