Learn Stitching by Hand | Easy Hand Sewing | HandiWorks #79
Learn Stitching by Hand | Easy Hand Sewing | HandiWorks #79

And make sure the thread is long enough to cover a single petal or leaves. A buttonhole stitch is best done with a slightly thicker thread.

18 thoughts on “Learn Stitching by Hand | Easy Hand Sewing | HandiWorks #79”

  1. farheen khan says:

    its so easy n beautiful…..thumbs up

  2. Luz Mery Castaño says:

    quedan bonitos. esos bordados gracias por compartir

  3. Shazia shaikh says:

    beautiful and easy.thanks

  4. Shazia shaikh says:

    I will make it on pillow cover.

  5. viji K sekar says:

    so nice. thank you for sharing.

  6. Tania Bower says:

    Where would I be able to find templates?

  7. Nancy Daza says:

    hermoso bordado, reciba muchas bendiciones y un abrazo, muchas gracias.

  8. edimejia says:

    hermoso, gracias por enseñarnos 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. gloria aguilar says:

    Como siempre muy hermoso, gracias por compartir, bendiciones

  10. xXsaritanumXx xD says:

    precioso trabajo

  11. زهره الربيع says:

    very nice

  12. gloria aguilar says:

    Como siempre hermoso todo lo que compartes, gracias y bendiciones

  13. Yasmin Yasmin says:

    every iloveit

  14. Judy Pennington says:

    Love the pattern but your stitches are much too large, especially when going around the curves. They should not be crooked like that.

  15. Greetings by Maria says:

    The pattern you made looks so beautiful and you explained well the way of making it. I loved the flowers,I'll definitely try to make them. Thank you so much!

  16. Tasneem Dungerwalla says:

    vry vry nc

  17. Tasneem Dungerwalla says:

    I know also frm Kenya

  18. Chiranjeevireddy Sangu says:

    I like art so like this . I will to do it

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