LED Flat Panels – Drop Ceiling LED Flatpanels
LED Flat Panels – Drop Ceiling LED Flatpanels

Are you looking for LED flat panels look no further than lightup.com for a wide selection of indoor and outdoor lighting and accessories. We provide many different kinds of LED bulbs made for different purposes including use in businesses, homes medical facilities, electronics, and wherever there’s a need for light. LED flat panels are lighting solutions that replace fluorescent lights in drop ceilings. Our LED flat panels are installed by removing the lighting fixture or ceiling panel and simply wiring into the power source. They can be mounted in multiple ways depending on your needs including suspension mounted and surface-mounted. Some advantages to having LED in drop ceiling lighting fixtures are that they have lower wattage for the same level of light output for lumens cast and contain no mercury or other harmful substances. LED panels last longer than fluorescent tubes and our guaranteed for 50,000 hours which is 20 years of use for a typical office. Our LED panels are available in your choice of color temperature allowing you to select a light with a warmer hue or daylight hue or something in between as it as it suites your lighting needs. For more information on LED flat panels visit lwww.lightup.com or call 1-877-734-2458

6 thoughts on “LED Flat Panels – Drop Ceiling LED Flatpanels”

  1. Pam S says:

    Great Company!

  2. Zach Nikoll says:

    These are great. I need these for my building!!

  3. Linda Krupnick says:

    Got 2 Led panels for our business. We are using them for video filming. They work really well for camera work. A lot less expensive than pro lighting and we made 2 main lights for under $300. We have used over 2K lights and no comparison. These led lights are quality and work better.

  4. loughlinstanley says:

    A breath of fresh air to have high tech lights like these!

  5. Kirby7601 says:

    Wow! I need these in my gameroom

  6. Brett Star says:

    These are great lighting solutions. They will save you monry, and look smart.

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