LEGO Tile Mosaic Of An Easter Bunny Custom MOC Tour
LEGO Tile Mosaic Of An Easter Bunny Custom MOC Tour

Happy Easter from JAYSTEPHER! Here we are looking at an Easter bunny on a 48 by 48 stud base plate. This is constructed with flat tiles. My favorite piece. Honestly I think it turned out fairly well. We have the ears, an eye, and my attempt of a grassy background. I had found this image off the internet, and I thought it would look good as a Lego mosaic. Now the image is a bit distorted because of the size of the mosaic. At some angles, it actually looks like a mouse. [Laughs] Nonetheless, it does look nice. I like it. So we have white, light grey, dark grey, dark blue, dark green, bright green, and light bright green. So I believe that’s six colors in total. I like the feel of this. It’s really nice. Here’s the back. I haven’t made a mosaic in quite some time. So I thought why not make an Easter bunny. So this is my Easter mosaic moc I should say. Very nice indeed. I hope everyone has a great Easter. Thank you for watching!

17 thoughts on “LEGO Tile Mosaic Of An Easter Bunny Custom MOC Tour”

  1. AdmiralGamer 05 says:

    This is a Best-Build from Lego!!!

  2. Kaustuv Acharya says:


  3. Swofozu Endyy says:

    Nice work jay

  4. Skater Skater says:


  5. AleksBricks says:

    Wow!! Thats so awesome Jay!!!
    The easter bunny is so cute 😃👍

  6. thescreen 64 says:

    Love your videos

  7. Mike says:

    Oh wow Jay, that looks awesome!

  8. Conner 09 says:

    thats so cool!!!

  9. Ailing Mars says:

    Happy Easter!! I thought it was on the 16th but okay!!

  10. Brother From Another Brick says:

    Wow, that Easter bunny looks awesome! Good job Jay!

  11. toohumble says:

    looks awesome!

  12. Isaiah Diaz says:


  13. Isaiah Diaz says:

    when I was in 4th grade me and my class made mosaic tiles and put it in the garden ( if you want to check it out you can it's located in Brooklyn NY 7th Ave and 17 st in a little park)

  14. Gimpy Gamer says:

    Very very cool I wish I was as talented as you your builds are amazing

  15. QwikBricks says:

    Did you use a mosaic program to help guide you from photo to LEGO rendering? Or was this all freehand?

  16. penny Ellin says:


  17. Bricks All Over says:

    Nice mosaic. Happy Easter!

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