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Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new
sewing tutorial here on my youTube channel every single Wednesday! Today I’ll be showing
how to create very simple lined tote bags in two ways. Before we get into the tutorial,
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Whitney Sews family. Now into the tote bag how tos.
For each tote bag you will need two pieces for your bag outer and two for the lining
all in the same size as well as material for the straps. I’m using a dog leash from the
dollar store, but use whatever you like, or make your own straps. I want these totes to
be library book bags, so I grabbed a book and used it to figure out what sizes to cut
the pieces. If you want to make yours the same size then cut your fabrics to measure
12 ¼ by 14 ¾ inches. This first step is optional, but since I’m
just using basic cotton fabric I cut two pieces of lightweight fusible interfacing and laid
them with the textured side against the back side of my outer fabrics. Use an iron to fuse
them into place. This just gives the fabrics a little bit of extra structure and strength.
Place your two outer fabrics right sides together, lining up all the edges. Pin or clip the fabrics
together and sew down the side, across the bottom, and up the other side. Repeat with
the lining fabrics, line them up right sides together, clip to hold into place, and sew
down the side, bottom and other side, all with a half inch seam allowance. Trim off
the bottom corners to reduce bulk, making sure not to cut into your stitching line.
Turn the bag outer right sides out. Then insert the lining into the outer so they are wrong
sides together. Line up the side seams and top edges and clip to hold into place. Sew
all the way around the top ¼ inch from the edge.
Turn the top edge over along the stitching line, then fold it over one more time hiding
the raw edges inside to create a double fold hem. Sew along the lower folded edge to finish
it off nicely. Now it’s time to add the straps. I’m using
a dollar store dog leash and already cut the handle part open to make the lease longer
and cut the clip off. Cut whatever material you are using for your straps in half and
use a lighter to seal the edges if needed. Place the straps ends inside the bag about
an inch and a half from each side seam and sew a box to attach. Then your tote bag is
complete. Now onto the second version. Start with the
same two outer, two lining, optional interfacing and strap material as before. Place the two
outer pieces right sides together and sew down the side, bottom, and other side with
a half inch seam allowance. Then place the lining pieces right sides together. But this
time sew one side and along the bottom, then leave a 4 inch section unsewn on the final
side. Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam.
Go ahead and cut the corners off again without cutting through any of the stitching. Then
turn the bag outer so that it is right sides out. Now put the bag outer into the lining
so the right sides are touching each other. Line up the top edge and side seams and use
craft clips to hold everything into place. Get your two straps ready like before and
slide each strap between the bag outer and lining so that only the cut ends are sticking
out the top. You can see here how the layers should look. Then sew all the way around the
top with a half inch seam allowance. I like to backstitch and sew over the strap ends
again to make sure they are extra secure. Reach in through the opening in the side and
turn the entire bag right sides out. You can then stuff the lining back into the bag and
it should resemble a finished tote bag. But you do still need to pull the lining back
out and close up the opening you turned everything through. If you use matching thread it will
hardly even be noticeable, I used contrasting thread for most of the video so it’s easier
for you all to see what I’m sewing, but you would want to use a matching thread. Then
sew around the entire top edge of the bag to finish it off. And that is it! Two easy tote bags that are
similar, but just a little different. I personally prefer the second method, but use whichever
one you like more. If you make some bags using this tutorial or any of my how tos please
share a picture with me on facebook or instagram with the #WhitneySews. If you want to see even more tote bag DIYs
I’ll have a playlist full of them over here to the side. Let me know in the comments what
other projects you want to see here on Whitney Sews and come back next Wednesday for a new
video. Until then, happy sewing!

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