Live from the Red Carpet of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’
Live from the Red Carpet of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

– I love Andy Zenor–I asked
him to go to the premiere of the new Avengers movie
the other day, and it combined
his two best talents: interviewing celebrities
and drinking. And–
[audience laughter] Here’s what happened. [dramatic music] – I am Iron Man! Just kidding, Ellen.
It’s me. I’m here at the premiere of the
Avengers movie, “Age of Ultron.” It’s gonna be a night
full of superheroes. – Hey, how are you?
– I’m great, how are you doing? – Hey, I’m–I’m better now.
– Are you? – You look lovely.
– Well, you know, I’d like to dress up
as much as I could. – What did they do
to you tonight? – What do you mean, this is what
I wear all the time. There’s a lot of stuff
going on on set. Would you give us any kind
of behind-the-scenes? You don’t have to
name any names, but I have a couple of dolls
here that would act– You could show us.
– Okay, like, “Ah, this is
my shirtless scene. I have to do a couple of these.” Uh, uh, uh, uh. “My helmet hurts!
Meh!” – Do you mind playing
Paper, Rock, Scissors” with me? – Not at all. I thought you’d never ask. – I don’t–
– Ready, here we go. – Okay, ready?
– Ready? (both)
One, two, three! – No!
– I got you. (both)
One, two, three! – Oh!
– I can’t help it! I’m here with Stan Lee, creator of all these characters
here on the Avengers. So, Stan Lee, if you had to
create a character for Ellen, what would that character be? – Oh, it would have to be
beautiful. It’d have to be very smart. Have to be quick on her feet, and have a power
that no other woman has. – I think you just
described Ellen. I think she is a superhero. [cheers and applause]
Hey, look, it’s Iron Man! Everybody, there goes Iron Man!
There goes Iron Man! He really likes my outfit!
See, Iron Man? He totally looked at me
and he was like, “Yeah–oh, no,
that’s not Iron Man, but it looks really close to
Iron Man,” so… Ah…
See you later, Robert! Downey, Jr.
Who plays Iron Man. [sighs] I’m gonna make your night
a little bit better. We’re going to give you a pull
out of our grab bag tonight. Don’t look!
Don’t look. – Oh, that’s, like, underwear.
Oh, what is– – Oh!
You know what? You got
the Ellen gardening gloves. Before you go, you want to do
a little challenge? – What do you want to do? – Uh…
[audience laughter] – Don’t make it weird.
Just– – I’m not going to make it
any weirder than this. – What are we challenging?
Come on. – If you can name– – If you can name–
– Tell me. – If you can name–
– What are we challenging? – Three–all right. – I’m taking this
very seriously. – Oh yeah.
– This is the best thing ever. [cheers and applause] – One, two, three, four– (both)
I begin a thumb war. – Go. Oh, you shoot low, I see–aah. Aah, I lost to Thor,
at thumb wrestling. – Cheers.
– That’s all right, it’s all good now! Before you go, I gotta take
a quick picture, do you mind? – Of course, yeah.
Let’s do it. – And…
gotta get my hammer here. I got one for you, too. [audience laughter]
Don’t worry, it’s not the size that matters. – That’s a little depressing,
isn’t it? – Nope, it’s a hammer. Three superhero powers
in five seconds, I’ll count. Ready, go!
– Flight, super strength, invisibility. [audience laughter] – Ladies and gentlemen,
Nick Fury. – Wow, that’s real [bleep]
liquor! [laughter and applause] [applause]

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    Hi Ellen. This is my Story. One day in August 2013 my mum (42 at the time and she is now 43) took a massive stroke. As a result of this my mum is paralysed down her right side and has no speech at all. My mum had to go through a brain surgery in which they had to remove a part of my mums skull so her brain could expand. We have all went through a traumatic expirience and its only me my older brother Darren (21) and my older sister (19). When this happened to my mum I was only 13 and it severely traumatised me because I was inseparable from my mum. I know that we haven't got our old mum but I know that she is still here and that is the main thing. I absolutely love your show and I have to watch it on YouTube because they don't show it in the UK. You are my Idol along with Demi Lovato (LOL) you brighten up my night when I go into bed a switch on my laptop and watch all your recent videos. Your generosity really really inspires me and I believe that you are one of the most influential people on this earth Ellen, you should be proud of yourself. The night my mum took her stroke it was only me and her in the living room and we had just finished clearing up after dinner and my mum (her name is Tracey btw lol) came in and looked at the IPad and said that the display was blurry I looked at it and it was fine and that was it her head fell and she started druling and it was at that point in time that our life changed forever. Thank you for reading. Jordan Leckie from Scotland UK!!

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