Living Dining Kitchen Combo | 30 Creative Design Ideas
Living Dining Kitchen Combo | 30 Creative Design Ideas

The theme of this video is modern open concept that brings together kitchen and living/dining area. Here, you’ll discover superb designer ideas that can be an inspiration source for your home renovation. Jut look at this quite large living space with a bright and airy interior. Modern open space concept with gray walls, white kitchen, rustic style dining area and modern living. Simple and beautiful design with a Scandinavian look. Quite large open space with elegant kitchen, round dining table, tufted chairs and elegant living area. Modern apartment with open plan layout in eggplant color and white. Small and compact open space with black tiny kitchen, tiny dining and cute living area. Another small open concept with L-shaped kitchen and integrated dining area and simple furnished and decorated living. Scandinavian-style apartment with open space, white walls and hardwood floor throughout. Simple, modern and elegant design. Another beautiful Scandinavian design apartment with open space concept. Many more other beautiful ideas in this video. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND Thank you so much for watching.

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  1. 906rita says:

    Nice music

  2. Milya Priba says:

    Nice for small places, but not for luxus and rich …

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