Livspace Interiors Bangalore Designs This Travel-Happy Couple’s Home
Livspace Interiors Bangalore Designs This Travel-Happy Couple’s Home

Hi, this is Nikhil. Hi, this is Preetika. We live in our home with our 3 year-old Joy,
our dog. We’ve been married for 5 years now and like
most couples, we probably disagree on more points than we agree on. I think something which is really common is
travel, food which is very close to both of us and you would get a glimpse of those in
our home. In terms of the overall theme, our brief to
the Livspace team was really simple. We wanted to keep it very rustic, very earthy,
this was as far as the overall home itself was concerned. The other part which is really important to
us was Livspace really took care of the customisation very well. They understood our requirement very well
and did not just stick to the standard kitchen, standard wardrobe, instead did the entire
open kitchen setup for us which we were very interested in. I guess the kitchen was very close to us,
yeah. This actually used to be a wall earlier. And we brought it down, did the breakfast
platform and now the way it has sort of imbibed into the entire living area it looks so amazing! The entire colour coordination, the polished
brick myolica over here, black and white patterned tiles sort of adds the entire charm to the
kitchen itself. There are a lot of things which we came across
on or online portals and we really wanted to integrate it with the entire
interiors. For example, in our kitchen, we have pan hanger
units which is not usually available in this type of catalogue and Livspace actually custom designed that
for us. There’s also a tall unit which we got custom-made
from Livspace again. This is how it is. And they made it entirely keeping in mind
the dimensions and the fitment of it in the kitchen. I think the living area is quite interesting
because we’ve used a lot of orange over there. It’s a colour which is something which both
of us like a lot. And then of course, the brick wall, you know. Something which we have seen at lots of places
but still we were not able to find that right brick which matched our taste. But finally when we saw it and we said that
ok, this is the one, we immediately went with it. I think the entire option of sitting in different
comfort zones whether it’s the bar stool over here or the low seating which we have in the
living area, the swing in the balcony, sort of gives you so much option to have different
conversations, you know? I mean, typically in a party what happens
is there are different phases, right? People like to move around. This home sort of gives us an opportunity
to entertain guests at different periods of time. So you have certain people who have just come
in and hanging out in one place and then gradually you know, bringing them into the mood let’s
say. So I think this home, the experience so far
has been amazing as far as entertaining people is concerned. Everyone has spoken really highly of how well
it has been designed and the detailing to which we went. Also we were very sure about the greenery
that we wanted inside the house as well, so we brought in lot of indoor plants in the
form of a divider or in the form of pots or if we talk about this particular dining table,
this dining table is made from a single wood. I feel It really adds to the entire decor of the
house very well. I think this is a concept which I saw at one
of the cafes and the idea stayed with me. Essentially I want to create like a wall of
plates, crockery from different parts of the world. So this is what we are using as the guest
room right now. You have a really nice bay window over here. This was actually not a bay window, but we
made it with the help of Livspace and sort of aligned it with the other rooms which had
natural bay windows. I think the best thing about this room which
I like is the wall itself. Yellow is our favourite colour for both of
us. This we picked up in Paris when we were there
on the streets and I really like the colours which has come out. I think this will also sort of end up becoming
the kids’ room when we have kids. I was telling you about what big movie buffs
we are, right? This is our Friday night den or probably Saturday
and Sunday night den. Lots of Netflix, lot of Bluray CDs, the La-Z-Boy over here with the
reclinersgives a very nice theatre setup. And large screen with dim curtains sort of
gives us the perfect ambience for the entire room. This wall I think captures some of the best
memories that we have over our life. Beautifully captures majorly all the places
we have travelled so far, and the special moments that we had from each of the trips. This bedroom I think is the cosiest and the
warmest place in the home. What we’ve done is a very nice oak look wood
and white and blue themed walls. Anjali helped us out with creating this entire
pattern of this particular wall so the flooring pattern that we have right now goes up till
the wall and creates a very beautiful and unique face. In terms of the overall design of the home,
I think Joy had a very big say. His requirements – the flooring which is to
be used for instance, we did matte flooring everywhere because we knew that polished floor would
not be good for him. The entire balcony for instance we sort of
left it open for him to peep out because he loves doing that. And of course, for him the place which is
closest to him is the bay window in our bedroom because he gets a really nice 360 degree view
from there. What does the home signify to us? I think it
stands for togetherness, a place of our own, some place where it’s just us. It is also a collection of all the memories
that we have accumulated so far since we met. And a place where Joy can be with us. Would we recommend Livspace? Definitely yes. And I say this largely because as individuals
and professionals we are extremely spaced out for time you know? What a lot of people
do not realise is when you turn a house into a home, there are so many individual elements
which need to come together. I think for us the greatest value-add was
how Livspace sort of layered together different people from different professions and at the same
time sort of stuck through to the design theme that we had in mind. I think it’s fair to say that 3 months back,
we got a house from the builder and today we have a home to come back to.

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  2. saranya venkatesan says:

    Which appartment is it ? Where is it located

  3. Livspace says:

    Check the description above for more! For complete details and pics, visit:

  4. viku1517 viku says:

    Loved this…. Ur designs r very good… Whoz d designer?

  5. Smile Mile says:

    Warmth and cosiness run throughout as the unsaid theme. Genuinely nice. Happy living.

  6. pavan datta says:

    Should have shown before and after pictures.

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    Do you provide some guarantee warranty of your work furniture fixtures etc.
    I wish to get my new home done.

  8. bimal padhan says:

    The clients are really happy with the design n thats the greatest archivement of a designer so congrats to livspace for changing this apartment to a home.

  9. aruna naik says:

    I just love it… beautiful home

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    Simple Yet beautiful.Really awesome.

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