Luxurious Flat Interior Design in Pune | 4 BHK | Metropolitian | Chinchwad, Pune | Kams Designer
Luxurious Flat Interior Design in Pune | 4 BHK | Metropolitian | Chinchwad, Pune | Kams Designer

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100 thoughts on “Luxurious Flat Interior Design in Pune | 4 BHK | Metropolitian | Chinchwad, Pune | Kams Designer”

  1. pradeep anu says:

    Sir I want to below 20 lakhs house plan please give. Me architect plan

  2. Avnish Pandey says:

    Really incredible …………
    I want to know it's price

  3. Sadik Khan says:

    Beautiful intreyar

  4. Evon Fernandes says:

    Do you work for mumbai also????

  5. it's very nice it's very nice says:

    Very nice home

  6. Renu kumari says:

    What is the cost of this house????

  7. Swati Magdum says:

    How many bujett for this whole room

  8. shashi bala says:

    Available in Lucknow, please contact no

  9. Sangeeta Patil says:

    Best one

  10. Jitin Momaya says:

    Are u interested in designing our home at Hubli ( Karnataka )

  11. Suraj Patil says:

    Excellent please give me contact number

  12. Gautam Kamble says:

    oooooosam home

  13. MR. ÂŤŤĮŤŪĐĘ says:

    Project Cost please?

  14. Shree Sonde says:

    Kharch bhav khup chan banvlay Ghar

  15. Veerendra Sahu says:

    Surely its 1 crore project

  16. Abhishek Jaiswal Aj says:


  17. Bhavesh sing says:

    Mast he sir total kitna cost huaa

  18. SAINI SAAb says:

    Very nice

  19. Joe Rohith pentareddy says:

    How much??

  20. Prathmesh Patil says:

    nice yarr kya bnaya hai

  21. Abhishek Mishra says:


  22. Nandini Karri says:

    Super , but how much of cost did you spend in this project

  23. Moradabadi yadav says:

    Gunjal Sahib U look like Sanjeev Bhatt..

  24. Kinjal Pandya says:

    Dream house

  25. Manjeet Kaur Mona says:

    Very beautiful house

  26. Heena Shrimali says:

    Mare pan aavu banavu chu tama aavaso banava mate bolo

  27. Rajwinder's Vlog says:

    What is the total cost of the interior of this house and do you provide your services in punjab area ..plz reply asap..

  28. Rajwinder's Vlog says:

    I am just fall in live with the interior of this house ..all the best

  29. Ankita sen says:

    Renj v bataiye

  30. Mandeep Singh says:

    Very very exclusive beautiful

  31. shruti borkataki says:


  32. Priya Mane says:

    Wow khop chn sir

  33. Rinky Sharma says:

    Actually i also want to become an interioi designer is there any scope of it in india ??? Plz share your video on the scope and featured for that

  34. Aathirah Ayman says:

    Masha Allah😍😍😍Very Pretty

  35. Vaibhav Dixit says:

    best house ever seen nice job bhai ji

  36. Mujeeb Mohammed says:

    Interior walonka number



  38. Yash Pathak says:

    Kiti. Khurch zala

  39. Rohit Ramavat says:

    Mentioned there cost also

  40. Rupali Kagalkar says:

    खूपच सुंदर…..

  41. Susmita Biswas says:

    Sir Kya aap log Uttarpradesh me v service dete hain?

  42. Mansi raghav says:

    Hello sir kya aap mere house ka create and interior design kr skte h

  43. Prince Aggarwal says:

    Price kya h

  44. Ashutosh Dongare says:

    Bhai price sang na

  45. Prashant Malvatkar says:

    Yevdhya flat la kiti khrcha ala fakt interior design cha

  46. Lokesh Dorwal says:

    Very nice sir. Bt aapne rate mention nhi ki shyad

  47. Naziya Mukadam says:

    Send how much charge for interior

  48. Heena Shrimali says:

    Mare 4 bedroom mu house house banavu hoy to hav the money

  49. Chachaji gamer says:

    Can you come and furnish my home in vadodara

  50. Unlimited Fun says:

    Bhau kiti ruppes lagle

  51. Shyam Ramesh says:

    Very nice love from Qatar

  52. Geeta Panwar says:

    This is not house Taj Mahal jaisa h

  53. Suneeta Verma says:

    Eski prize kya hai what a wonderful house

  54. vivek kotedar says:

    How much you taken for this

  55. Nandha Kumar says:

    how much the cost for this interior design

  56. Vishal Meena says:

    price kya h

  57. R K Trick zone says:

    Sir Aisha ghar banane me kitna kharch aatha hai

  58. Technical Mihir says:

    How much cost ?

  59. Sharma Amit says:

    Oo this is my dream house

  60. Kaushik Ghosh says:

    Total price kitna hay….??

  61. Daljeet Kaur says:

    Cost kya ho gii sir

  62. Ajay Punjani says:

    Sir total kitna kharcha hua plot ke siva mei jaan skta hu kya sir😊

  63. madhur bhave says:

    Aap lagat bhi bataye v kitne bna vo bhi btaye

  64. Sandip Ghare says:

    Khup chan sir

  65. P.B. Venkatesh says:

    Good Principal Man and Good Human Being Sir Kamal Joshi

  66. lee hawk says:

    The designer is good everything is flowing.

  67. Vrunda Thakur says:

    Sir please give your contact number🙏🙏🙏

  68. amir raza says:

    Sir i m a civil engineering student ..and i want some knowledge about interior designing can u plz suggest me something about that like how to i learn easily and about software etc..i will be grateful for that sir

  69. Yushant Gumber says:


  70. Vashu Rai says:

    Amazing house.very nice.keep it up.

  71. controversy Manjunath says:

    How much is the price of this flat

  72. Sanjay Gupta says:

    what is the cost of this house?
    Thank You

  73. gagandeep kaur says:

    What is cost

  74. Anjana bokolia says:

    Dashing house jabardast

  75. Gurpreet Kaur says:

    Wao naice home

  76. Sauhrid Sinha says:

    Squre feet kit na ha

  77. Ar.Ahmed Khokar says:

    Over all good job, but bed positioning in each room is not good might be as per vastu …

  78. abcd d says:

    Good job..,….👌👌

  79. RAVI DHYANI says:

    Looking very beautiful

  80. H.ritik .k says:

    How much total area it has

  81. Aarti Jangale says:

    Wow nice god bless you

  82. Salvacion Robredillo says:

    My dream house😊

  83. Nishant Kumar says:

    Sir ese bnane me kitna kharcha aya

  84. Nishant Kumar says:

    Sir aapka contact no kya h ….muge bhi asa ghar aapse hi banvana h

  85. Jaime eclair says:

    This is a fabulous home. I love the colors in the master's bedroom, they blend so well with the curtains. But my favorite is the younger daughter's room, that's a peace paradise. I bet when she walks into her room, all the problems from school, or work, neighbors etc, all disappear.

  86. Akshat Singh says:

    Price kya h iski

  87. RR TechMech says:

    Nice work 👍

  88. RR TechMech says:

    Aprox total cost

  89. Shri ek says:

    I wish my parents knew this interior designer we lost lacks because of these interior designers 🙁 we learned our mistake, research helps.

  90. Anjali Rao says:

    Sir please mala kamal joshi sir shi introduce karun day….. Sir mala pan majh ek sundar ghar bandhayach aahe. Majhya aai sathi please…… Kamal joshi sarancha number dya

  91. madhulika moksha says:

    Super 😍 how much in this house

  92. Kunal Rathore says:

    Contact me 7014307259

  93. Sagar Mandre says:

    खुप छान

  94. Shabber Shaik says:

    Nice and very good and beautiful house😊😋😋😋

  95. dilip singh says:

    Sir whether the services is provided by you in Nagpur

  96. uday Sakpal says:

    Please share small 1bhk interior design 280 areas

  97. Bhagyashree Jangam says:


  98. gopal verma says:

    Maam kya apki service mathura ( up ) me mill sakta hai


    May be asihe gar kharidhu bless me all inshalla

  100. Rahul Arora says:

    Beautiful aa ji

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