Luxury custom car mats by Diamondcarmats
Luxury custom car mats by Diamondcarmats

21 thoughts on “Luxury custom car mats by Diamondcarmats”

  1. OfficialNaturisticYT says:


  2. Kemo Therapy says:

    Go back to Mexico

  3. thike caber says:


  4. Faith Holland says:

    Very disappointed with the quality, no refund offered . Total waste of £165

  5. Jason Trout says:

    He had to be paid to do this review, these mats are complete garbage. They are cheap, flimsy, Chinese knockoffs.

  6. Tina FOTZE says:

    Just ordered some.
    I’m excited to get them, so I’m holding you to your review!!

  7. Chip Dufala says:

    Terrible product. Diamond Mats sent me the wrong design and completely stopped communicating. I asked for a refund as per their policy and they ignored me. Buyer beware. 100% SCAM. They come in a paper envelope that looks like a grade school-er packed!!! Very wrinkled and dirty. Better options out there.

  8. Chip Dufala says:

    You need to followup to see what happens if you have a problem. They say they have a 100% guarantee but ignore you when you ask for help.

  9. RandomTech says:

    Next time get straight to the point you ramble on too much

  10. Goldartifact302 says:

    You say in the video that you can get it for any vehicle. I just asked them and they don’t have it for my car …………..

  11. Mashmarriner says:

    They look way better quality than the cheaper eBay non brands.

  12. Bekrah says:

    Nice review. I appreciate the detail in which you describe the product.

  13. TheRuler OfAll says:

    I got mine in 3weeks ago. Looks great in my Lexus GS350. Only thing i can say bad about it is the packaging. But who cares what it comes in. They fit perfect and look dope. A LOT OF PEOPLE ON HERE ARE TALKING SHIT ABOUT NO REFUNDS AND BLAH BLAH BLAH. KEEP IN MIND, THE SAME PEOPLE ON HERE ARE GOING ON OTHER CAR MAT VIDEOS SAYING THE SAME SHIT! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. FUCKING TROLLING MF’S! Feel free to hit me up on here so i can show you proof on my facebook.

  14. Patrick Quenga says:

    Great review. I just ordered 2 sets, one for my 2006 BMW M3 Cabrio, and my 2018 BMW X5. Nice stuff…thanks for the review and the great information.

  15. Nick Clarkson says:

    wow his voice is annoying. Thanks though.

  16. FelyneHeros says:

    Horrible company, bought mats for my car, they smell like a chem lab, very nasty.
    Also i bought the trunk mat and it didnt even come with my order.
    Just gonna buy stock ones and throw these away, what a waste of 200€

  17. Tarmoil says:

    Are seriousle claiming they are real leather? 😂

  18. Erik Liddell says:

    Lether sounds nice, but how do they hold up to road salt, and dirt.. they must be a pain to clean

  19. Ally Canman says:


  20. Tony Doyle says:


  21. Michael Mikulski says:

    I wouldn’t spend $250+ on floor mates

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