Macrame Feather | DIY Home Wall Decor Ideas malayalam | macrame feather ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ പഠിക്കാം.
Macrame Feather | DIY Home Wall Decor Ideas malayalam | macrame feather ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ പഠിക്കാം.

Hi everyone… welcome back to our channel we are back with another DIY video We are making macrame feather it’s a beautiful wall decor piece let’s see how to make it I’m using macrame thread for this I’m using 1mm size thread fold a long piece of thread in half now we need some more pieces cut the hanging pieces according to the required size for this feather I’m using 40 pieces of thread now I got 40 pieces of thread trim the edges to make sure all the treads are equal size place the long thread now take one of the small strand, fold it in half and tuck it under the long tread take another strand, fold it in half and insert it into the loop of the top horizontal strand pull it through and lay it horizontally, on the top of the opposing strand now pull the bottom strand all the way through the top loop and make knot keep going and work gradually down in size on the next row, you can alternate the starting side, then you get a square knot here, I’m just following same pattern on the same side if you want, you can use square knot by doing knots from alternate sides in between make sure to push the strand upto tighten to secure it repeat the same process I just finished tying simply make a knot in bottom strand and secure it once you are done, drag the strand downward to meet the bottom of the middle strand by using a comp/brush, to brush out the cording brush it well to get beautiful soft fringe use a strong comp to get it done easily now I completed the comping on the both side now feather is ready just tighten it well by pushing the strands downwards to secure it I just made 2 more feathers give it a trim to shape the edges with a paper pattern, you can easily get the shape now our macrame feather is ready.. for hanging it as a wall decor , you can use a piece of stick or embroidery ring.. hope you liked todays video.. just give it a’s really easy one.. if you like please like ,comment and share see you in another video..till then take care..

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  1. TravelTalks by Prasanth Nair says:

    Beautiful feather homedecor, valare nannayittundu, very professional
    Njan onnu choditchotte, oru cheriya startup pole as designer homedecor onnu alochitchoode

  2. Agri media says:

    അടിപൊളി ആണല്ലോ ,ലൈക്‌ 4 അതിലേം വരണേ

  3. ആമിനയുടെ അടുക്കള says:

    Very good idea 👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Riya Haneef says:


  5. Saifunnisa Uk says:

    Supper idea…

  6. kenzu kitchen world says:

    Wow super

  7. Lekha's Tasty World says:

    ആഹാ..അടിപൊളി ..നല്ല ഭംഗി 👏🤗

  8. Thottavadi i says:

    Beautiful dear Nannayittund 😍😍nalla look undd kanan simple and beautiful 👌👌👌👌Nalla istayi

  9. shanzas world says:

    Crt ayit manasilaki thannu

  10. Rajeena Reji says:

    Super👌 ethra mm nte rope aanu vangichath.. amazonil check cheythapo dfrnt alavilulla ropes kaanikkunnund.. athukoodonnu mention cheyyaamo??

  11. LEAF by Ajith Kannadan says:


  12. Cosy Health and art says:

    L 27 wow nice wall decor ideas 😍👍 TFS friend 👍💐

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