Majolica The Method of Working – Stage 2 Putting the glaze-base on to tiles
Majolica The Method of Working – Stage 2 Putting the glaze-base on to tiles

haha I am Susan welcome to my videos on the majority method of decorating ceramics this is my second media and it’s on how to prepare towels with lace base I’m going to separate my videos into two sections one will cover plates pots and lids and the other will cover tiles this is the first section on how to put the glaze base on tiles there’s several ways of doing this dipping using a spray or pouring I use the method of pouring for pouring you have quite a lot of things to do you have to sound sell the town’s clean the towels put the glaze base on the towers clean off unwanted plays base and repair any damages there’s a lot of work so let’s start working come on the table with a large piece of plastic put two bars of wood and the brush to clean with put the tiles you want to prepare on top of the wood on the right there are 30 tiles first sound your tile hold it underneath and with a finger tight if a sound is high it’s not broken if the sound is flat it’s broken and don’t use it now you have sounded all the tiles and they are on the left pick them up one by one and brush them front side back on the same the other side and continue doing the right of the container put plastic a bar and the tiles prepared to use on top on your left put a plastic on three bars of wood the tiles when they have been prepared will be put on top and left to dry take the lid of the container and you can see that the water and the base have separated to take off the water you need a plate that is slightly curved and a large bowl to keep the water in with the plate scoop the water out of the container and tip it into the bowl who won’t take nice out it’s better to take too much act out because always we put back again there’s too much in you have to wait for an hour and a half which separately now I think I take them out enough you have to mix the Rays base before starting to work stir it until there are no lumps on the wall the floor or floating now it’s ready to use to begin you must check my density other guys you need two bars of wood a bowl and a tile dip the ball into the glaze lift it up and tilt it over the left-hand corner so it runs down the left side and across the tile now lift up the tile and look at the back don’t touch the front this is correct if the glaze is all around the edge in large lumps it needs more water if it spread all over it means it’s too thin another way I’ve checked my phrase this was a very very thin piece of wire scratch it and you can see the thickness now stir it so it is completely mixed and during the preparation of the task keep doing this to make sure the glaze and the water are not separating put the tiles onto the wood pick up the glaze tip it over the first tile so it completely covers it and then do the same with a next this is a close-up of a glaze drying you can see the dampness shrinking once dry it can be moved safely move the tiles onto the bars of wood continue preparing the tiles until the three bars are full pick up the tiles one by one and put them into the shelves to dry when putting the tiles on the shelves put them on the highest one first so if any glaze is scraped off there are none underneath that can be damaged if a bars get very thick glaze pick them up and clean them on top of the bowl into the bowl with the water that has been scooped off with a spatula scrape the glaze off the bars continue preparing the tiles if you move them while they’re still not completely dry be very careful to hold them straight not to tilt them move the tiles onto the wood and then prepare more tiles here are the 30 tiles prepared with the base base leaving all the shelves to dry remember when leaving the glaze base you must stir it so it has no lumps and making a circular movement that gets smaller and smaller clean round the outside of the container put the lid on the basin and you’re finished now you have to clean the backs and the sides take them down put them face to face starting on the bottom shelf pile up the ten tails five pairs straight and then continue until you have 30 times in three piles on the bar on the right here are all the tiles planned up to start cleaning what you need is a bar would a plastic finger and two buzzer wood to keep them when they’ve been clean pick for tile up put them on the side and start cleaning them on the would hold the four tiles up on their sides and with the plastic finger wipe off the brace lift up the towels clean the wood turn and finish the other edges them on one side and go on cleaning all the tiles here all the sides of the thirty tiles have been cleaned to clean you need a tin and two brushes one that’s very strong one that’s softer move two towers onto the top of the tin clean the backs first use the strong brush and brush outwards turn the two pairs round and clean all the edges do the same with a softer brush as it leaves the tiles cleaner turn the pair over and clean the other side in the same way clean the backs of all of them and put them on the right now all backs are cleaned this is the last stage of the fairy tales on your right you have all the tiles that have been cleaned what you need is two bottles one with clean water to level out part uneven parts and one with glade the glaze base to fill up holes a plastic tool with a point for taking out for embodies a paper to repair tiles a soft brush to dust off the loose glaze on the left are two bars the nearest is for the tiles that have to be repaired and the other is all the finished tiles pick up the tiles one by one clean them with a soft brush and look at them carefully to see if anything these there are any foreign bodies or anything needs repairing this one is okay put it on the far board pick the tower up and you can see that this base is damaged yeah fill it up with blaze this has been mended now put it on the right to dry this has several little holes left by the air balls in the glaze base throw them up with leaves and leave to dry on the top edge of the tower a small bit of glaze is missing it will have to be repaired fill it up with glaze and leave it to dry this one because there’s a lot of glaze scrape it off slightly damp the brush with water and smooth it down dust off all the surplus glaze and put it back on the bar pick up the last I’ll scrape off and level out all the parts that have had glaze added with a brush and water smooth and level it out put it back on the bar and leave it to dry now the last was it dried pile them up and their cleaning is finished these fourteen tiles in the crank are the extra tiles and have been put here to dry the ball has the Grays base that was taken out of the container you can see how the water and the graves have separated you can tip off the water and then put the glaze back in the container or keep it as it is and the next time you prepare glaze add it cover it with a piece of plastic and put it on one side to keep these are the 16 towers I’m going to decorate through the next videos the next video will be on making a design for the 16 tiles I have prepared and this design will go through all the videos on decorating tiles now we finished cleaning the tags it’s been boring long uninteresting work now if you prepare a lot of tiles it’s definitely worth buying a cleaning machine they’re electric you can find out more about them in my web underfoot cleaning I hope you find my videos useful and you enjoy it as much using them as I do creating thank you

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    Very concise direction,…thank you! Questions: Are you using commercial tiles? The grid texture on the back makes me think they were purchased. My other thought was about the necessity of using "lung" protection (respirator) for the glaze dust.

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