Make country chic home decor with the GO! Western Medley Die!
Make country chic home decor with the GO! Western Medley Die!

Howdy quilters! It’s Pam Heller from
AccuQuilt. When I travel, I often hear the
request for AccuQuilt to release either a Western
or a cowboy-themed die. Well, quilters, we’ve listened. And here it is. Let me introduce you to
the new GO! Western Medley die. This limited-edition die
comes in special packaging along with that
teal-colored tray, and will only be
available for a short time. Since this die is on
a 6×12 die board, it will fit through your
GO! Baby, your GO! Me, your GO!, GO! Big or even
your Studio cutter with the appropriate adapter. The
GO! Western Medley die includes three unique shapes that are
difficult to cut by hand, including this cute
cowboy boot, a horseshoe, make sure it’s always facing up so the luck doesn’t drain
out, as well as a horse. Think of all the
Western or cowboy-themed quilts, baby or kids projects
you can make or just to add a bit of fun to a
regular quilt. Quilters, this die is perfect
to use up your scraps. Think outside the box when it
comes to the different kinds of fabrics you might use. Can you imagine using a thin
layer of leather for the boot? How about cuddle fabric for
the horse and metallic vinyl for the horseshoe?
Saddle up, quilters because today I’m
showing you how to create one of our
featured patterns, The GO! Western
Dance Quilt. You can visit to download
the pattern and follow along. Now this free pattern
uses the GO! Qube 12 inch an 8 inch Mix
and Match Blocks, as well as our GO! Star, which
has three sizes of stars, the 2 inch, 3 inch
and 4 inch, as well as a 2 1/2 inch
Strip Die. Cutting the shapes you need for
this quilt will take you no time at all with your
AccuQuilt GO! dies and cutter. Now let’s see what you
need from the 8 inch Qube. You just need one
shape: die number 2, which is this shape right here. And it finishes to
a 2 inch square. Now be sure and pause the video
if you need to refer to the pattern. From the GO! Qube 12 inch Mix
and Match Block, you will need three shapes. The first is this shape number
one, which is the square. Then you’re going to need shape
number two, which is a smaller square and shape
number five, which are half square triangles. And then finally, from your
GO! 2 1/2 inch Strip Die, you will need to cut
these strips of cream and brown. My pieces for the
throw quilt are already cut so let’s get to the part
we’re all here for, cutting with our new limited-edition
GO! Western Medley die. Now it’s so easy to cut
these shapes using this die. I’m going to tell you you want
to pre-fuse your scrap fabric. Remember, you add
it to the back. Iron it down. You have to count that pre-fused
fabric as 1 1/2 layers. So you can have four
layers of pre-fused cotton. I’m going to just
barely cover my shapes. So I have brown for my boots
and gray for my horseshoe and brown for my horse. Alright, let’s cut our pieces. Now remember, quilters, I’m using
our GO! fabric cutter today. You could use your GO! Me
your GO! Baby, your GO! Big, and even your Studio cutter
with the appropriate adapter. Alright. We’re going to give the
mat a little bit of love. Get rid of that static. Slide, don’t lift. And now we have cut
three perfect shapes. Quilters, you
will need to cut four horses from your brown fabric
and for this pattern you want to make sure
the fusible is facing down and the right side of
the fabric facing up so that all the horses go
in the right direction. Out of your gray fabric
cut eight horseshoes. Now for the cowboy
boots you’re going to need a total of
eight cowboy boots. But you want to have four
of the fabric facing up and four of the
fabric facing down. Now with everything cut, we
can get to the sewing part. Let’s start with
the 12 inch block that’s repeated
throughout this pattern. First, begin by sewing one cream
to one teal 3 inch half square triangle to create
3 inch finished squares. Press the seams open so they lay nice and flat. Repeat until you have
8 half square units. Now you want to sew two of the
half square units to one another so that the triangles
have the same orientation. We’ll call this Unit
A. Repeat until you have four A Units. Then sew one A
Unit to the right side of one 6 inch cream square. Turn
another A Unit 180 degrees and sew it to the left side
of the same 6 inch square. Press your seems open. Now this is called unit
B. Take one of your A Units and sew one cream 3
inch finished square to the left side of the A unit. And one teal 3 inch finished
square to the right side. We will call this Unit C.
Repeat with the remaining A Unit to make sure that the teal
square touches the cream triangle. To complete your block, you’re going to sew one Unit
C to the bottom of Unit B. Now it’s important,
quilters, that you make sure that the teal
triangle matches the cream square
and the teal square matches the cream triangle. I’m going to put them together. Remember, we want to press
our seams open. That way we get a nice, flat block. You want to take your
time to make sure that your seams match up. Bring your patience.
And again, I’ve pressed my seams open because
otherwise there is way too much bulk on this block. And now look, tada! We have a perfect 12
inch finished block and it’s all ready for your
GO! Western Medley appliqué shapes. Now you want to finish sewing
the 15 remaining blocks until you have a
total of 16 blocks. Six teal, four brown, four of our
rusty red and two yellow. Apply the appliqué shapes, paying special
attention to the diagram. For example, some
horseshoe blocks have two horseshoes,
and the boots get an addition of a cute little
star as a decoration or spurs. Remember, you can embroider
your shapes however you want. But remember, the GO!
Western Medley die comes with a free embroidery download
of three different stitches: a blanket stitch, a
satin stitch and a motif stitch. Once the blocks
have their finishing touches of appliqué, add
sashing using your 24 2 1/2 inch strips
and nine red blocks as cornerstones. Layer
batting between the quilt top and the backing. Pin or
baste the layers together and quilt as desired.
Add binding and be sure and miter your corners
for a nice, finished look. And there you have it,
the GO! Western Dance Throw Quilt featuring the
GO! Western Medley die. Now remember, quilters, the GO!
Western Medley die only hangs around for a little while. So pick it up before
it gallops away. Where can you wrangle
up this new die? Of course from or
your local signature retailer. And don’t mosey! You’ll want to get
it before it’s gone. I’m Pam Heller from AccuQuilt, helping you cut time, so you can quilt more.

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