Making Area Rugs From Recycled Jeans : Braided Jeans Rug: Braiding Long Strands
Making Area Rugs From Recycled Jeans : Braided Jeans Rug: Braiding Long Strands

Ok. now let’s start our braiding. You want
to take your 3 strips and just sort of pile them up on top of each other, and a nice threaded
needle and push that thru. We’re just going to secure these pieces together; I’m just
going to go threw a few times and knot that off. And then we’re going to tie it to a chair
or something secure that will hold the end while we do our braiding. So I got a piece
of hemp twine here and I’m just going to slip it in to that knot and I’m going to tie it
to a chair. Ok. now we want to begin our braiding and it’s just a simple braid taking from the
outside to the middle and from the outside to the middle. Now you can change the color
by folding the denim in different ways; so this one is folded so the inside is showing
and this one is folded so the outside is showing, and then you can; and the colors will change
if you do it like that. You want to braid with a flat braid so I’m, I’m almost like
flattening the piece out when I fold it over and then as you work down you have to continuously
pull the ends apart because they’ll get all tangled up. So you want to continue braiding
and if you decide you want to change color you can always turn the, the piece inside
out again and; and get a different, a little bit different look. You’re braiding fun; you
there is an upside and an underneath side to the braid so you want to, any; you want
to decide which is going to be the top of the braid and so you will put any like extra
tags or anything like hanging out when we do a join, you want to try to keep that on
one side; on the bottom side and try to keep the top side of the braid looking the neatest.
Now it’s not such a neat thing anyway; we’re using rags and but you want a little, a certain
texture on the top. So you keep continuing down until we get, until one; one braided
piece gets too short and I’ll do it go one more, about 3 or 4 inches like this. Ok, so
now this piece is about 3 or 4 inches and we’re going to join another piece; we’re not
going to sew it on we’re just going to put the two together, I’m going to put it underneath
like this and then fold the piece; and then continue braiding with the doubled up piece
and that will secure the new piece in there and continue lengthening it. So whenever you
come to the end or not quite to the end; you’re going to add another piece in the same way
and continue braiding. You need quite a long length in order to make a rug. Now I’ll show
you what to do when you come to one of these corners; remember we made these corners as
we we’re cutting in order to have a very long extended piece of cloth, so when you come
to this you can just sort of roll it up and then continue braiding. And if there are any
flaps or anything sticking out; you want to try to keep that towards the underneath. And
remember to constantly run your hand along the strips to kind of keep the ends from being
tangled as you braid.

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  1. Anna Smith says:

    I have no idea which order to watch them in

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    I AGREE!!!!

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    what a pain to watch, I'm watching out of sequence…..

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    I wish you had these in a playlist in order. had trouble finding all the parts.

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    this is awesome.  I love it and am having so much fun doing this.  Thank you!!!  I really didn't find it hard to figure out the order.  It's pretty obvious..

  7. Crystal Campbell says:

    For anyone who cares about the order of the videos. This is for the Braided Rug Only–Cutting, Preparing Strips, Braiding, Sewing Coils, Making Weave Needle, Weaving, Finishing, Backing.

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