Making Area Rugs From Recycled Jeans : Braided Jeans Rug: Preparing Strips
Making Area Rugs From Recycled Jeans : Braided Jeans Rug: Preparing Strips

Okay, we will need three strips to start our
braided rug. And we’ll probably be using about four or five pairs of old jeans in order to
make one decent sized little area rug. Now when you are making your jean strips, jeans
come in all different colors of blue jean. So you want to think about that and use that
as your design elements. Some very light colored jeans can add a nice look. You can mix them
up with a dark color. Or you can just have one braid of just light and work that into
the center. And the next pair use a very dark so that you have a dark outline on a white.
So you want to think about that. While you are cutting your strips, you can sort them
as to how you want to use them. Next we are going to put our three strips together. And
you’ll need to secure that for the beginning. You’ll need to secure that. And you just take
with a needle and thread and do a few stitches there. Now one thing you want to make sure
is that your three strips when you start are not the same size. Okay? You don’t want them
to all end at the same time. Because when a strip ends, we are going to add another
piece to it and there will be a bulky section. So we’ll be adding a piece like this and so
it will be doubled over for a little while and so it will be a real bulky section. So
you don’t want all three strips to end at the same point and then we’ll have one big
huge bulky section. You want them to end at different times. So here I have a short one.
And I will be joining another one. And then as I go down, I just want to make sure that
these also do not end at the same time. Another thing that you want to prepare before we start
our braiding, is if you have ripped the jeans like I have in many places, there’s a lot
of extra strings here. So you want to trim out these extra strings because what will
happen is as you’re braiding, they’ll just get very tangled up and you’ll have difficulty
with the braiding. So just go through and any of this excess strings, you want to get
rid off. Just snip them out. Now when you cut the strips, you don’t end up with all
of these, all of these strings.

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