Making Art with Lizette Chirrime
Making Art with Lizette Chirrime

I want to inspire more women especially
because men have it in their minds that they are providers, and women
have in mind now that they are providers [as well] but not all of them are able to see their full potential, to see what they can offer. I had a rough
childhood I was oppressed all the time as a child. I grew crying. I found
a job and in the job didn’t feel as oppressed as I was in my home [and] my childhood
but I felt that I didn’t belong there. yeah, so after work and [during]
lunchtime I would be drawing I’d be doing things and then my boss at the
time, I was working at [an] aluminium company, my boss said to me “I think you lost you should
not be working as a secretary…. you are an artist”. After that I decided to follow my voice the voice and the spirit inside me. Because I didn’t have money when I started, I decided to
pick things up from from the street I used to pick up lots of things like metal, beads, buttons, safety pins and I just picked them up then I went to the shops I asked
the people there for empty bags. They used to sell beans and coffee so then I took them and gave them new life so I took them home I washed them, I washed all the things that I picked up and then I dyed them and give them colors, then I stitched. So for me I would like to be able
to inspire more women and to make them see… that it is possible to be who you are
just embrace yourself and believe it, feel it nature it, you know, keep going
and stand up and keep moving. it’s possible.

3 thoughts on “Making Art with Lizette Chirrime”

  1. Nikolaos-Errikos Kaloudis says:

    this video is too short 🙂

  2. aaron dixon says:

    way to short!!!

  3. Desiree Brand says:

    Hi Lizette, I plan to visit Spier to see your fountain. It looks beautiful from what I can see on Spier's website. I am busy with a community mosaic project in my home town. The site I plan to use used to be a fountain. Local pedestrians are using it as public seating. So I hope to liaise with the local municipality to change the fountain into a space where seating will be built on the inside. Then I plan to work with the community to do mosaics on the surface. I would love to talk to you. Please let me know if I can make contact. Regards, Des

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