Making Chocolate Chip Cookies From Furniture Board Game ASMR – How Cook
Making Chocolate Chip Cookies From Furniture Board Game ASMR – How Cook

If you like chocolate cookies, don’t miss this tutorial video on how to make this special cookie!

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  1. How Cook says:

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  2. Sid TheAmazingKid says:

    This makes no sense at all.


  3. Infinite covers says:

    Dude why didn’t you still not hit 1mil subscribers??? Your vids are so cool !! Love u 😍

  4. Infinite covers says:

    Wait a second I never knew this was a Korean channel ??!,!?!?!! Until seeing the bottle at the side at 6:53 !!

  5. •Amira Azzahra Channel XD• says:


  6. PebbleStar 8D says: didn’t use an oven mitt!

  7. PoMmeSTW says:

    Ok so i have an ideea.

    I'll do a story about this.. Let's call this girl… Maya.. And her two friends… Anna and Lucy

    One day Anna wanted to play.. She took a break from her hard work and she thought it might be a great ideea. At first si asked her friends Anna and Lucy if they want to play. But they said that they were busy… That day.. She started cooking some delicious chocolate cookies. When she was done, she checked her phone.. She saw that her friends wanted to hung up with out her… She got upset.. But she replied saying that maybe they can meet at her place tomorrow and maybe drink a coffee and eat some cookies…her friends said that it might be cool…

    The next day, in the morning.. Exactly at 3:00 in the morning, Maya woke up and went to the kitchen… She started using her table games as ingredients and she cooked some cookies which tasted like cookies, felt like cookies.. But Maya put some special ingredients in it…..

    Later that midnight, her friends came to her place.. They had fun.. Only Anna ate some of the cookies… After some minutes she felt a bit clumsy and she went home…. Lucy stayd a half and hour and she finished the cookies.. The she went home too…

    The next day, Maya woke up and she got her phone. She saw that both of her friends didn't talk anymore on the chat… She smiled… Then she opened the TV and the first thing that she saw was the news which said…

    "tho women were found this morning dead. Each of them were in the bathroom bleeding. Their kids were crying. Everyone thinks that the person who did this is a women named Maya"

    After that Maya went to the kitchen, did 2 more cookies, ate them and after no longer than 2 hours she was laying on the ground, laughing and crying in the same time.. She died exactly when the police went to her house…


  8. •XD•Sofi_Chan_ Studios•XD• says:

    I speak Spanish but I can say you are amazing and I love your job 👍😊

  9. Anzie Li says:

    How did her friends know that she wanted to play board games? All she asked was if they wanted to play games

  10. Panda cookie Yea says:

    Why did you say go to hell to your friend

  11. Multifamdom12 says:

    Who pushed dominoes that way 😂😂

  12. Kari Gregory says:


  13. Elanna Gonzales says:

    YouTube recommendations did me well this time

  14. A Little Skeleton In The Universe says:

    4:20 Honey, where do you think i come from ?

  15. Plauge Doctor 049 says:

    3:40 umm excuse me wth

  16. AlterXtra says:

    I’m the 301 comment 😀

  17. Gucci Hotdogs says:

    She got a Samsung 😭😭

  18. BOX PINK says:


  19. •Autumn Blaze• says:

    Rubber chicken: lays an "egg"
    The person: *YEETS THE CHICKEN*

  20. 민별 says:


  21. Melody Moo moo says:

    I know ur friends where being mean but don’t say that!

  22. Vividfox uwu uwuw says:

    Mmmmm. Yes, the children in my basement seem to like this recipe. 10/10 will try again! Thanks so much

  23. Ezequiel Molina says:


  24. angel cookielover :3 says:


  25. Ella Rachel Manasseh says:

    Thanks for giving me advice for how to kill my enemy!

  26. Molly Murray says:

    You are teaching kids to put plastic in
    the oven and your teaching them how to tern the oven on is it just me or are you a bad Parent to let your kid Watch this

  27. Маргарита Матюшина says:

    Давайте залайкаем этот комм чтоб англичане подумали что тут что то умное

  28. The gaming Orange says:

    Where the lamb sauce

  29. Mercedes Uchiha says:

    Like quien se traumo

  30. Людмила Мыльникова says:

    Есть кто нибудь из России?

  31. Panda&Carli Playz says:

    Bro stop stealing content . It’s not funny.

  32. -silent Gacha - says:

    What was the last thing that was made? I’ve never seen it before O.o

  33. Trinity Lewis says:

    You’re telling me she nearly killed herself eating Bored game cookies 😐😑🤔

  34. Lisa is In your house says:

    Did you mean go to


  35. Joselynn Gallagher says:

    If you have a kid that watches this do not let them do this..😂

  36. BlackWolf Animation says:

    The thing: is useless
    This dude: LeT'S EaT iT

  37. Roxietail says:

    They actually look like really cookies!🍪 😂😍

  38. Milagros Garcia says:

    This is an satisfy video to watch😊

  39. Fat Potato says:

    Mmmmm plastic

  40. CherylPie :3 says:


  41. Aubrey Eberly and friends says:


  42. Riley and kevin The clarinet says:

    My cat likes your videos because she was growling but she stopped when I clicked this 😂

  43. Riley and kevin The clarinet says:

    I just wanna say that I've seen lots of comments that say "oh she's copying!!" And " your copying! " and I just wanna say she's not copying. She just likes to do it like every body else so please stop hating

    Kevin: doo doooo dodododo doodooodo
    Translation: STOP HATING PLZ!!!

  44. Timothy Belton says:

    That beginning song sooo wasn't happy from pharrell Williams

  45. Donnish Route says:

    That was amazing 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️

  46. Mary Denielle Santiago says:

    8:14 i like the face and funny XD

  47. Eitakou says:

    I love the little horses being afraid poor yellow ones…

  48. sadchick madchick says:

    8:14 that's some asmr there

  49. StAtIc _Harry says:

    What did I just watch 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Jeffrey Rivera says:


    W O O O O W W

  51. Clipzz Gimayra2013 says:

    how can you eat a cake(?) out of clay

  52. Chocolate Drizzled Roses says:

    She just pulled them cookies out of the oven with her bare hands.

  53. CutieKitty says:

    This is so cool

  54. Weman says:

    0:18 ВААААУ

  55. Jaidee Mahoney says:

    But his isn’t edible.

  56. Supremefivekill Gaming says:

    Instructions unclear i am now getting surgery

  57. OrangeCookieRoblox says:

    Me- 0:25 ditch em I’ll play games with ya also How Rude


  58. Short Asain girl says:


  59. Skydiving God says:


  60. Inknut says:

    This is stolen

  61. Sarayut Bargjak says:

    Every item can be used to cook, haha ​​+

  62. JcS67 says:

    0:31 "You kidding? We're not kids anymore." Says The One With The Profile Picture Of A Character THAT'S IN A KIDS MOVIE

  63. Amalia Dukhan says:

    My mom and I are making chocolate chip cookies to actually

  64. ꧁Dexter chan꧂ says:

    Thanks if the recipes came out :v

  65. Takkashi’s Terrible Life uwu says:

    Me: eyes get glued to a random part on the screen and zones out

  66. wubboxghaztalotl says:

    4:19 moral of the story: patience

  67. dolphin돌음이 says:

    very nice

  68. LOKY TMT says:

    HuehueBR aqui e do Brasil finalment3 tu achou um comentário Brasileiro

  69. rachel smith says:

    How the flip does she get a egg in a toy game!?!??!

  70. cyber 14k says:

    "Me too, My baby is pooping here" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Winter the wolf says:


  72. Nol Valdez says:

    PES might be proud.

  73. Eclipse Starfaller says:

    i dont know what, but something about this makes me immensely uncomfortable…

  74. Cath Powles says:

    Me : this is animation

    3 year old me : omg that impossible guys we have a magic guy / woman here look

  75. Yasmin Fatema says:


  76. Sevde Dündar says:


  77. タコツボタコリ&ダーク&ピーチ says:


  78. Heather Downing says:

    How Cook:”Anybody wanna play a game?”

    People at Group Chat:”Sorry I’m busy”

    How Cook:”Never mind already ate them”

  79. Aleena Rashid says:

    Hang on I just saw the first clip on Stop Motion Cooking's channel

  80. Cambi the Gymnast says:

    Evryone! Beware! I saw on the internet and YouTube is sadly coming to an end on April 2 at midnight

  81. Himalia says:

    Bruh I’m DYING at the name of this channel. “how Cook” LMFAO WTF

  82. Simone Oesch says:

    My mind is confused

  83. nukles the kulada says:

    This is my first vid I saw from you and I was like is this another how to basic person?!

  84. Dragon_heart PlayZ says:


    Stop motion cooking

  85. Elkin Aguilera says:


  86. Yoshio Dude says:

    Teacher puts on this video
    Everyone in cooking class: -_-

  87. Eliandro Silva says:

    When your friends dont want to play games with you…
    You eat it! What a good solution 🙂

  88. •Depressed•Trash•Wolf• says:

    Hold up, is she wearin C R O C S ?

    Edit: And why does she need to use tongs to grab the cookies, she didn’t get any burns when she grabbed them out of the toaster oven :/

  89. Amélie Guison says:

    Commence à son tour mais il est toujours au comptoir

  90. Kiroshiつべ says:

    0:18 WOOOOOOOW

  91. Augustas Šavelskas says:


  92. Commit self deletus Used to be error sans says:

    No offence but I don’t think cakes are crispy as hell

  93. Hayden Animates! says:


  94. Brilliance Noob says:

    do u even know what a ASMR IS. AND THATS NOT HOW U MAKE FOOD

  95. Jooj1 says:

    "Azul" is blue in portuguese.

  96. Nevermore_Gamer says:

    Y'all need to credit the original.

  97. Oofinator .-. says:

    So you added more videos to make it ten minutes so you can get money from the ads.

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