Making Tile Mosaics : Breaking Tiles for Mosaics

Now we’re getting to the fun part and that’s
breaking your tile. You want to make sure you’re wearing protective lenses while you
break your tile. That’s in case any shards of tile are going to come towards your eyes.
You also want to make sure you have a glove. This is to protect your hand from any shards
that might come at your hand. We’re going to start with one of the blue tiles. What
you want to do is you want to put it glazed side down, that’s colored side down, into
the palm of your hand. You’ll take your tack hammer and then you’ll break it. One, clean,
swift hammer. You can do it in the middle of the tile or off to one of the sides if
you want different shapes. You can practice with different ways to break the tile. I’ll
show you now. Now, you see you’ve got a lot of different sizes and shapes to work with.
If you have a piece that you say is still too big you can turn it over and just break
it again. Depending on your type of tile they may break differently. They may break into
bigger or smaller pieces or the glaze may break solid or jagged. I’m going to break
one of the Mexican tiles just to show you a difference. See how this one has jagged
edges? You may like to keep it like that or I’ll show you later how we can smooth those
edges if you want it to be nice and straight.

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