Making Tile Mosaics : Cutting Mosaic Tiles with Tile Nippers
Making Tile Mosaics : Cutting Mosaic Tiles with Tile Nippers

I’m now going to teach you how to use your
tile nippers to break your tile. It’s important to keep your safety goggles on while you nip
your tiles because shards can still come up into your eyes, but you no longer need your
gloves. To cut your tile, you want to put the nippers half on and half off the tile,
like this. You want to put your hand under it so it will fall into your hand and not
all over the place, and you just press down firmly. It’ll cut, just like that, in two.
You can also position it higher or lower, it will never be exact, but it will at least
give you a kind of a sense of what shape you’re going to create. Another way you can use these
nippers is to take off corners that you may not want. It’s the same technique, put it
just half on and half off, but all you’re cutting is a corner now, squeeze, and there
you go. It’s important to remember that it’s easier to cut the tile from the broken edge
and not the finished outside edge. So when you do your nipping, try to do it from the
broken edge.

9 thoughts on “Making Tile Mosaics : Cutting Mosaic Tiles with Tile Nippers”

  1. Dana Sala Richman says:

    there is no sound 🙁

  2. cookiebones20 says:

    your videos do seem informative and possible useful but you need to adjust your audio on this clip and all related.

  3. wildfell says:

    Shame I can't hear you because it looks very informative!

  4. suzyf921 says:

    it would be easier to see what's happening with a white Tshirt as background (instead of black) and also a closeup of the nippers to make sure they are what I think they are. But these videos are really helpful!

  5. lee1977 says:

    You creep me out. Something to do with your black hair looking painted on and matching your garments. Also, you are trying to speak clearly (speaking clearly if done right is not a bad thing) and it comes off as robotict. Talk like you would with a friend and appear more natural.

  6. lee1977 says:

    I know this is an instructional video but you don't do it well. Very booring. I don't see a reason why I would come back again.

  7. tilesizer says:

    Have you tried TileSizer when working with mosaic tiles? It minimizes breakage and jagged edges that can result from nippers.

  8. squange20 says:

    The tilesizer seems to work for big tiles, certainly not small, fiddly ones. Thanks for the tips with the nippers.

  9. Beth Mallory says:

    No sound???

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