Making Tile Mosaics : Designing Tile Mosaics
Making Tile Mosaics : Designing Tile Mosaics

We’re now going to talk about designing your
tile mosaic project. There are many different ways you can design your project. One way
is to think about an overall theme or concept that you want to do. So maybe a big sun, or
some thistles or a flower. You want to keep it pretty simple if you’re working with tiles
especially in a beginner project, because that will just make it easier to fill in the
shapes. You may want to draw that shape right on your template or you can just keep the
shape in mind and let the tile build the shape. Another way to do is to pick one beautiful
central tile, the sun for instance. You can pick this as a central focal point and then
choose other tiles that fit the color or the theme or the shape that really build the project
from there. Another way to do it is just pick tiles around them. Maybe pick a bunch of colors
you think look beautiful together and smash them and place them at random and see what
happens. A wonderful thing about mosaics is that they almost always look fantastic no
matter how you make them. If you’re having a difficult time coming up with a design concept
of your own, there are lots of wonderful mosaic and design books for you to choose from. You
can check your local bookstore or your local art store or your library for those books.
You can also look on-line and find other mosaic artist’s art and use their ideas as inspiration.

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