Making Tile Mosaics : Mosaic Tile Safety
Making Tile Mosaics : Mosaic Tile Safety

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a
very simple and basic tile mosaic mirror for your home. We’re going to take one nice small
wooden mirror and some beautiful different kind of tiles for indoor use. I’m going to
teach you how to break the tiles, how to shape the tiles, how to design your overall project
and then position the tiles. I’ll teach you about different adhesives to use and how to
use adhesives to glue your tiles to your surface. And then we’ll talk about grouting the project.
And we’ll also talk about things to consider for indoor projects, or outdoor projects,
different kinds of multimedia materials you can use for your project, and different tools
that you want for safety. Since safety is so important for anything that you do, we’re
going to take that into special consideration when we’re tiling mosaics. You usually want
to consider having gloves to protect our hands when we break the tiles, glasses to protect
your eyes from any shards that might be flying about. And during the grouting process you
want rubber gloves to protect your hands from the grout, and also a face mask to protect
you from any things that might be in the air with the dry grout.

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