Making Tile Mosaics : Selecting Tiles for Mosaics
Making Tile Mosaics : Selecting Tiles for Mosaics

There are thousands of different ways to design
and make a tile mosaic. For this project I’ve chosen this Mexican tile as a feature point
for our project. Mexican tile has a terracotta backing, so it’s a low fire tile. Remember
low fire is only good for indoor use. Mexican tiles are very bright and colorful. They have
lots of unique patterns and are really wonderful for focal points or feature points or to just
add some pizazz to any mosaic. So I chose this one first, and I decided to choose other
tiles to really compliment this piece but not overtake it. So I’ve chosen a number of
this dark blue tile. This dark blue is a solid color so it doesn’t compete with the pattern
and it brings out the dark blue dots in the background of the sun. I have a few of these
dark blue ones that will really offset this sun very nicely. I’ve also chosen one yellow
one to really compliment and bring out the yellow in the sun but not overtake it too
much. I’ve also chosen a second Mexican tile to bring a little more color and pattern and
compliment the first one nicely.

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