Making Tile Mosaics : Shaping Tiles for Mosaics
Making Tile Mosaics : Shaping Tiles for Mosaics

Do you remember how our Mexican tile broke
with really jagged edges? If you don’t like these jagged edges, you can use your tile
nippers to straighten them out. What you do is, you anchor the bottom of the tile nippers
on the bottom, and then you anchor it on the top, and you just pull it down like this.
And that way, you can really get a straightened edge. You can also use these nippers to give
yourself some curved edges, like this. With the nipping you may find it difficult to do
concave edges. It’s kind of hard to get this big tool into those little spaces. In that
case, you may want to use the tile stone. The tile stone works just like a nail file,
so you rub it back and forth over the edge. This is good for concave edges or also straight
edges that just aren’t straight enough for you. I’ll show you. See how that really smoothed
out the edge? That gives you some nice clean edges for some very professional looking mosaics.

4 thoughts on “Making Tile Mosaics : Shaping Tiles for Mosaics”

  1. Neena Me says:

    The sound does not work on this vid? I would just like to say that the way this tool is being held is incorrect! Also when sanding tiles you must wear a Dust mask as the Silica is very bad for your lungs and gets in and sets like cement in them!!

  2. Jerry Dickman says:

    useless video with no closeups of exactly what is happening. Why bother?

  3. Pamela Dennison says:

    Why is there no sound

  4. Lewis McLean says:

    Sound isn't working on any of your videos.

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