Making Tile Mosaics : Substrates for Tile Mosaic
Making Tile Mosaics : Substrates for Tile Mosaic

Right now we’re going to talk about substrates.
Substrates is just a fancy word for what you glue your tiles to. Today I’ve chosen this
little mirror for us to use. I liked it, it was a good first project because it’s small
and it’s also got a mirror inside, so when you’re done it will be a beautiful finished
project for your home. One thing to think about when you’re using wood, is that it’s
only good for indoor use. Also, if you were to glue tiles to this wood right now, it would
be good for a couple of years but it wouldn’t be great for long term. If you want your project
to last your entire life, or even to give to your children, you want to think about
sealing your wood. You can buy wood sealers at most hardware stores. There are many place
to get beautiful substrates, the first place to look is your local art supply store or
craft store. You can find beautiful picture frames or mirrors like the one I showed you,
or other shapes, or even boxes cut out of wood to glue your tiles to. Or you can go
to the hardware store and get plywood that can be cut into different sizes and shapes,
or a hearty backer which is great for outdoor use.

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