Making Tile Mosaics : Tile Mosaics & Mixed Media
Making Tile Mosaics : Tile Mosaics & Mixed Media

There are so many different beautiful tiles
for you to choose from, large and small, patterned and plain, that it’s hard to think about using
other objects for your mosaics. But there are so many other things to use as well and
they can provide really beautiful and interesting accents to your piece. You can look for your
projects at your local Goodwill or at your hardware store or craft store to find different
things. But here’s some ideas that I have for some inspiration for you. Objects I like
to use are these beautiful little glass beads. There nice because they are flat on one side
so it makes it really easy to glue them to a flat surface. They also come in fun oblong
shapes or stars or moons. So it provides a lot of nice different accents for you to choose
from. You may want to take a walk in the forest or on the beach and find other materials,
like shells, that you can glue into your mosaic. I found these lovely little glitter blocks.
They come in about twenty different colors and they add sparkle and pizazz to any mosaic.
This is an old plate that a friend of mine had and it broke. Well what we can do is just
break it more and add some depth and texture to your already beautiful mosaic. And last
I found a little glass ladybug. A really fun accent for any mosaic in your home. This is
a really fun process and I’m sure you guys will enjoy it as much as I do. So be creative
and enjoy yourselves.

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