Makrome Kapı Perdesi / Macrame Door Curtain
Makrome Kapı Perdesi / Macrame Door Curtain

Hello to everyone
As the new year approaches, I’m sure you like to make small changes in your home to make
a fresh start like me. So I decided to make the macrame door curtain
that I wanted to do for a long time. Obviously, if you decide to make such a door
curtain, first of all you need to have plenty of macrame rope. I had quite a few long pieces of rope left
in my hand, and I thought it would be enough, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for me
to wear macrame rope. I’ve been trying to keep going after a point. First, I prepared 70 ropes of 2.5 meters length. The point you should pay attention to here
is to prepare your rope in four and its layers to make your macromen. I finished first with the classic quadruple
macrame node. In the second row, I separated the first two
ropes and made a quadruple macrame knot. I finished third in the same way. In the fourth row, I only knotted 8 threads. 8 knots in the same way knotted so that I
got zigzag image. I joined the strings and the non-zigzag
quadruple macrame knot. I completed the 5th place again with four
macrame knots I finished the door curtain by making a double
zigzag row in the 7th and final section. here is the point to pay attention; The more
you make the macrame model, the more difficult you will pass through the door. This can be a nuisance especially if someone
is tall at home 🙂 in the last part I decided to decorate a little
more. the first and the last quadruple strand in
the same direction by knotting in the same direction to obtain a spiral image. then I placed my colorful wooden beads in
the macroma and completed the door curtain. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m sure you will do much better than me 🙂 If you try, please share with me on my socialmedia accounts. Stay happy to discuss another project.

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  1. bahar arik says:

    Bende çok istiyorum ya böyle bişey yapmayı 🙄👏🏻💕

  2. cemre canpolat says:

    Harikasın 😍👍🏻

  3. elanur klan says:

    Yan sıra için kaç tane ip kullandınız acaba ?

  4. osmanmurat ılgaz says:


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