Mark Bolduc demonstrates a Wicked Smart Homes design with Roger Pettingell in REALTALK #42
Mark Bolduc demonstrates a Wicked Smart Homes design with Roger Pettingell in REALTALK #42

Hi, I’m Roger Pettingell, welcome back to REALTALK. Today we have a special guest with us,
we’re on-site at one of my favorite listings in the Harbor section. We’ve done a video here before, this is
530 Harbor Gate Way. It’s a Murray Home, very contemporary.
brand new construction. Really a wonderful property, and one
of the things that’s kinda cool about it is it was electronically designed and
finished out, I’m gonna say by Mark Bolduc, he’s here with us from
Wicked Smart Homes. Hi Mark, how are you doing? Good morning. So, what I would like to do a little bit today is understand what a company like Wicked Smart Homes
does. Sure. So I know that you said you started about five – yeah, 2009 – Six years ago. And you work with new home builders
like a Murray Homes? Would you also work with individuals?
Absolutely: individuals, architects, interior designers. So, what part, like a project like this and brand new
construction, when would you have started? Well, very early on in the process. During the planning stages. The floor plans been
presented to us. So some work has been done. But, well before the house is out of the
ground. And it gives us a ample time to easily coordinate, meet with the client, figure out their wants and needs for for their home. And do they usually know what they want, or you are telling them like the latest cool things? Well, it’s really an educational process. You know, you have a lot of clients
that have some ideas when they come to the meeting, as far as what they want in the home. But, at that point it’s just talking about their lifestyle, figuring
out how they’re gonna live in the home. If it’s a seasonal home, if it’s a, you
know, a full-time residence. And then developing a system that is gonna meet
their wants and needs. Now you’ve made this
house very well that I like to call REALTOR friendly. So, there’s that home button, when I come in and ready to show the house, I just push one button: all the lights go on, shades go up. When I leave, I hit the away
button. I love that, and I know that that’s just
scratching the surface of stuff that you can do, right? Correct. So when you, like, this house is ready.
Like, what is it capable of next? What cool things could you put in this house? Well, you know, as an integrator we can essentially take any system within the home, so we have here motorized shades, lighting, we have surveillance cameras, audio-
visual throughout. We can also do things like cool control. A thermostat control is big, security. These are the kind of the core items
that we’re integrating in homes these days. The audio-visual stuff we’ve been
doing for years, very simple. Essentially distributed house audio for background music, maybe a surround sound for the living
room, or the family room. But those are the really the core
essential items. Some of the newer things that we’re doing for seasonal clients, is things like water bugs. If there’s been a water detected in the home and
they’re not here for an extended period of time. Now, we can at least inform them via an email or a text. Really? There’s something
at the house, you need to get over there right away. It’s not really a bug? No, no, it’s a
little device that goes in kind of the critical areas of the house,
the utility rooms where you have washer and dryer. Maybe your water heater, maybe your
toilets, and things of that nature. Your bathrooms, I should say. So, if I’m playing tennis and my back is sore, can I turn on the hot tub from my phone?
Absolutely, absolutely. What I like to tell my clients is, you can have complete
control of your home. Whether you’re in the home, or whether you’re at your primary residence, or even on vacation. That can all be done via an iPhone or an
iPad, and those things are very simple, and these are the systems that we deliver, essentially every day, all day. And I
think simple is really the answer, because I’ve seen a lot of houses. I’ll go in to list the house, and they’re like, I don’t know how to use that audio system. Right.
I don’t know how. I run into that a lot. I think what happens with the integration companies is that they get too focused on trying to deliver every bell and whistle
that these systems can do, where ninety-five percent of our clients
are looking for really a a simplified, an intuitive interface that
allows them to: from a single app, be able to access every
part of their home. Again: lighting, shading, thermostats,
things of that nature. So, when you put some thoughtful, when you, you know, have a thoughtful
approach on how you are gonna program these homes with the end-user in mind, and not try, again, push every piece of control into them, into the
iPad. Then you usually have a nice finished product that’s easy to use. And
so, in this listing, you’ve got it kinda, prepared, pre-planned,
but now when I sell this, the new owner is going to
meet with you and decide how to finish it out? Absolutely, the beauty of the control
systems that we install, they can be customized to any client. So, I essentially have an open palette that we can program from. Some of our clients we refer to as, power
users, and they want to be able to have, again, every button for control. We have others that want to keep it
really simple and basic. And it’s not out of the ordinary, actually for a a husband and wife to have one interface
for the husband, that gives a little bit more functionality. And then maybe one for the wife that’s
just a little more basic in nature that’s, you know, one touch operation to turn music on, or to turn the pool and spa on. I’ve seen a lot of couples, is actually the
reverse. Well, I agree a hundred percent. Yes, you are exactly right. But, you never know. Exactly And then, is there like a percentage,
classic percentage that you could align for the budgeting of systems like yours? You know, it runs the gamut.
Sometimes running from two to four percent of the home’s value at the end, if you will. Those metrics we try to apply. But, again you just have some clients that really embrace the technology. Others are a little more hesitant, and
they need to kind of understand that, yes, this is indeed a lifestyle enhancement product, not
meant to make life more difficult. And then when I’m done installing this
amazing system and I forget how to use it, what do I do? Well, again the litmus test for us is you
should be able to pick up any remote or go to any touch panel and intuitively know what it is. So, you know to turn the TV on, really basic icon driven commands. Cable, DVD, you know whatever it may be and kind of right there in front of you. And that’s really the litmus test for us. Again, if we’re going beyond that and
putting too much on a single page, it becomes a little difficult to operate, and then we know we need to make a change. That’s why you call your company Wicked Smart, right? You got it right. A little homage to our Northeast roots. Nice, thanks Mark. Thank you. If you like
to learn more about Wicked Smart, you can go to our website, we have a little
information there for you and all our properties are listed there too, at Thank you.

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