Marketing | Mosaic art school
Marketing | Mosaic art school

But I thought it’s better to making
mosaics and stuff to earn some money to pay your bills
and to finance my art career. So this is just a commercial mosaic art commission. hey y’ll. Episode 6 this is glass mosaic
mural made in residence entry and today we’re gonna look closer to that project.
The workshop process and we’re gonna analyze the installation process and the
marketing. Did we have any challenged in here? The location where this mosaic is placed and then we’re gonna look also how I managed to finance and
balance to create this kind of mosaic work commission or mosaic artwork
commission. Let’s get into it let’s start. Well this is first of all the first part
of episode six. I believe there will be three videos as usual.So you need to
check the others too to get a point of view to the whole thing. Let’s get into
it let’s start with the location where is mosaic work is place. So to do that I
will go directly to the website to show you about. So that’s the entry. It’s a
residence entry. Let me start with the building first. That’s the building right
here the entry. We made the mosaic for this entry of this building. Some nice
details. That’s the main entry okay. We made it inside and this is the whole
thing. Two pieces of kind of picture and all the stuff around this lines and
stuff. I have nothing to do with this flowers here. I don’t even know what it
is. And also some flowers and stuff in here. It’s kind of lecture building you
know. They sold one apartment of stage around 1 million dollars or so. It is the
building is place and one of the famous and most expensive avenues in Istanbul
okay. I believe that’s it oh here’s the elevator and stuff okay.
The mosaic is right here. That’s nice kind of, it’s a nice picture. These are
the rooms in an apartment. Let’s check out the marketing process. What I did to
get this kind of Commission. As you guys know we have the primary marketing and
marketing inside and stuff. So there was actually only one thing that I made. It’s
like you know when no one is asking for your stuff for your mosaic then you are
the one who has to prepare some interesting ideas and to show it to them
and hopefully it will accept it. So this was also kind of this kind of a way that
I’ve used. Okay let’s continue, so I made this. Let me show you this way
excuse me. So this it’s like a catalog okay – it’s like makeup you know what I
mean. To show how big you are you are not. But you have to act like that because
you know it doesn’t work otherwise so. That’s all changed I have my address my
phone it’s old phone okay don’t try to call it that number it not belongs to me. is still there. Info at I’m not using it anymore. So
this was like the catalog of specially made for these guys. And then you know, it was like, I first call them and I then get the appointment with them and I told
them what I can do for them for especially it is this construction and
this entry and they allowed me to make some photos and then I ask them for a
second appointment to show them you know. What I have prepared. You know no one was asking me to do that. So this is how it works it doesn’t work
not work always this way. Most of the time is
you spend all your work and time for nothing for free you know. But this guy’s
was interested in mosaic and to have something different in the building also
to make, to start a competition with other construction companies in that
area and yeah. Excuse me. So here it says, name of the project owner I had to blur
her out that stuff there was some personal names and phone numbers. And
that’s the location that’s about free. About model is free the project model I
had my own stuff. And at the first first meeting they said they want to have
something like a photo of Istanbul, a older one if you know what I mean. From the
history. So I choose some you know without asking about copyrights and
stuff I just used them in here. You know I placed them by using a
computer ok. That was the first one and this was the second one. It’s exactly the
same area where the building was constructed, you know. It’s like 30 years
old the same location. And that’s the same location. okay. And that’s too so I
said we can do it this way we can put this in here as a mosaic and this one in
here and make this kind of four stripes by using mosaic. aAnd you see I also made a sample of that you know right here. This one is the same in here okay. And
after a while I had a call saying sounds good I kind of. Anyway we talked about
this in the finance and balanced stuff. So this was kind of a marketing that I
did to get this commission. Any in marketing
no. okay let’s check out the design we actually already looked into that. That’s
the photo it’s a very old one and you know it’s actually not a mosaic artwork.
It’s a commission what does it mean? Well the Commission can be a artwork too of
course, but these are more like commercial
commissions if you know what I mean. This stuff will never end in a museum or
an art gallery. So it’s different it’s like, commercial mosaic Art Commission
kind of. Means time is running and the budget is running and everything you
have to calculate to to get to your final goal, which is making money okay.
This is why you are doing this kind of a commission to finance your your Art
career in other words you can also work in McDonald’s and you can with that
money that you earned over there, you can finance your art career too. But I
thought it’s better to making mosaics and stuff to earn some money to pay your
bills and to finance my art career. So this is just a commercial mosaic art
commission. That’s why we have I, mean we have to think about the costs and the
time which is running out very quickly because this building has a period of
time, you know. I mean when when they finish the building and people are start
to living in there your work must be done. So that’s why there is no time to
create some you know artistic emotions and stuff no. This is the picture and you
have to do that as it is as much as possible okay. So to do that you have to
change you have to reduce you need to reduce the colors okay. So that is the,
hold on, that’s important here we go what’s your
problem okay. Let me explain. So that’s the normal photo okay, it’s a normal
photograph it’s made more than 30 years old and reducing in colors on the
computer by using a software like Photoshop you get this okay. Can you see
the difference? I’m sure we can. So now we have less colors than in here and you
can definitely see when you have to change the colors directly. You know there is no transition like, you don’t have time for transition. No one will gonna pay you because you made a wonderful transition, you know to
another color. And so there are people who want to pay that but let me know
when you find some of them. So this is about the design and then this is more
in detail here I believe. You see change to 1 2 3 4 5 or how many colors I don’t
know. Ok everything is still in detail. And so on. We change one of the pictures
into that. That is also on the same Avenue. It’s also 30 years old I believe
this photo. So decides they decide to make this it’s kind of a historical
building. And you will see how I messed up. You know when I was trying to create
this photo you know, transfer this photo into a commercial mosaic art you know glass mosaic art mural.

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  1. joyce jay says:

    (24 views) Ayhan, I can see how your experience and skill with stencil art helps you see what and where the colors need to change to create the picture for a mosaic design. Not sure this makes sense… but watching this video I see clearly how these two art forms are related.

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