The MAT live course is our two-day 100% money back guaranteed course which is highly practical in nature. It allows
professionals from over 12 different professions to come along and work
together and learn how to collect objective meaningful data. The course is a
combination of theoretical and highly practical it’s also about a lot of
networking with different professions and just a really awesome learning
opportunity. In the course you’re gonna learn 10 new tests that you can
implement into your practice the very next day. The first day is all about how
to utilize the MAT and being able to set baselines from movement being able to
track movement progression over time and calculate injury risk using some of the
data from the literature. The second day we delve deep into what can you do now
with that information how are you going to apply it with the people that you
work with as well as looking at some of the principles of neuroscience and pain
science and how that applies The MAT Live course is suitable for all
health and fitness professionals from physiotherapists chiropractors and
osteopaths to exercise physiologist personal trainers podiatrists and many
more If you join the MATLive course you’ll walk away
with a FREE MAT that you can incorporate into your practice the very next day as
well as the 10+ objective tests that you can perform on the MAT to get more accurate more reliable data with your patients and clients

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