Meet Devvrut Patel | Men Do Embroidery Too!
Meet Devvrut Patel | Men Do Embroidery Too!

My favourite technique is Canvaswork, I really
like the order of it, it gives a nice clean aesthetic to the overall product and blending
colours I find much more effective in this technique The project I’m working on right now
is called Skyline it’s basically looking at different depths and views that I can see
around me, not only on top of buildings but also through the eyes of a person and just kind of translating that into stitch and this came out in different lines I draw
and multimedia. The best part of studying Hand Embroidery
at the Royal School of Needlework is the atmosphere you’re in, as soon as you walk into the palace
you get inspiration from everywhere.

6 thoughts on “Meet Devvrut Patel | Men Do Embroidery Too!”

  1. saliswahiedansari ansari says:

    wear this school

  2. Jai Ganesh says:


  3. Brent Eric Arthur Power says:

    The poor audio quality of this video made it too difficult to hear or understand what Mr Patel was saying. I'm surprised that the RSN published this video before fixing the problem. I'd like to see more videos of men doing needlework.

  4. Shams Akhtar says:

    So nice I'm hand embroidery work 12 year experience im job search now

  5. Shams Akhtar says:

    So nice work

  6. Shams Akhtar says:

    I'm hand embroidery work

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