Meeta Mastani on her fall 2016 course, “Tactile Textiles – From 2D to 3D”
Meeta Mastani on her fall 2016 course, “Tactile Textiles – From 2D to 3D”

Hi, I’m Meeta and we are here in my studio in Delhi, India. I’m based here although I work for so many others in rural
Rajasthan but that’s also one of my homes. I work with communities of traditional
folk artists with the most incredible hand skills in printing and actually
dying. I partner with them and contemporize
their world. Working in collaboration with them is the most fun part of my work. Since all of us come from different
communities and backgrounds, the end result is often unexpected and for me
full of character. I’m hoping we can do something similar during this residency
together in Madison. The idea in this program will be to express our creativity with reference to our social and cultural context, where the chosen
are inherited. Through the use of natural materials, we will work with natural
fibers, fabrics, papers, dyes, and any other natural materials you can access. We will
print, paint, dye, tray, and have a really good time getting our hands dirty! We will use the body as a canvas, and drape the fabrics and the papers that we’ve created on it. You’ll learn skills like printing and painting with natural
colors that you can use in your individual art practice later if you
choose to. For me, textiles are all about being
alive and tactile. I go into museums and itch to touch the displays, completely
the opposite of the usual museum approach of “do not touch.” So this program will be all about touch. We’ll work collaboratively and individually. You can
choose to make your work political, decorative, cultural, or a combination. I
hope to co-create a final collaborative project, which will include print, paint,
draping, and performing. You could be a print maker, a painter, an academic from art
history, someone from set design, costume design, or someone far removed from all of it. If you already use your hands to create you’re at an advantage, but pretty much
everyone is creative. The idea is to work together, cross-pollinate our own ideas
and sensibilities and of course have a lot of fun doing it.

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