1. This Crazy Life says:

    Hey family!! What was the highlight of your thanksgiving, or if you’re not in the US, what was the highlight of your week? ♡ I hope y’all enjoyed today’s video! Monday I will be sharing the rest of our Christmas decor & putting up our family room Christmas tree!! Let me know if y’all want to see a giveaway in Monday’s video!?! I hope you have a sweet weekend!! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

    Here’s the link to my amazon favorites… you can find the silicone lids in the kitchen catergory & the tree + lights in the Christmas category 😘 ::

  2. G it's Nadine says:

    I actually made the cranberry sauce and the brussel sprouts with bacon which was a hit. Thank you sharing!

  3. Carmella White says:

    I been following you for a couple weeks in I just want to thank you I have been motivated to do alot around my place I even purchased the method and the pink bottom I'm looking forward to try more products I do have one question how do you manage everything cleaning kids being a wife and taken time for your self I find it so hard to get a routine

  4. Nola Girl says:

    Girl! Your Christmas trees ARE Pinterest Chic!!! Even with the boys involved, all of them look amazing! Thanks for another great video, I’ve been loving your channel lately!

  5. Kim Carter says:


  6. Maria Achadinha says:

    Absolutely love watching your videos, so satisfying and inspiring ! I love how you are so real tired of these fake channels with fake people" Keep being you hope you had a great thanksgiving 🌹🌹

  7. Kelsey Washington says:

    The basement is coming out so great I’m so excited to see the outcome!

  8. Jewleonnah Christensen says:

    I was thinking hopefully the minute your basement gets finished just move the couch and ladder shelf down there. For now they’ll fine where ever you put them. They are pretty pieces of furniture and have beautiful decor on them so whatever works in your space🥰 Thank you for all you motivating and inspiring videos! We have VERY similar taste🤗

  9. Hannah Holtz says:

    Loved watching this video! I move furniture around a lot in my house until I get the right flow. I like that you took the Ikea shelf out of your office room, that really opened things up. Maybe you could move the tall shelf to the perpendicular wall. Would there be enough room between the couch and the shelf for it to be a functional space? Then you have a symmetric look with the tall tree and taller book shelf on that wall. I think it looks great like you have it, just a thought. Love the production of your channel ❤️

  10. Jocelyne Perez says:

    About to go clean my whole house now! Thanks for the motivation

  11. Missie Baker says:

    Enjoyed the video !!
    Office looks great, like where you put the gray couch – that's a nice spot 👏🏼🏡🌷

  12. Doc ON says:

    I can't find the Mrs. Meyers Peppermint in stores. Anyone else having any luck?

  13. Juliana Cassia says:

    .Muito bom 🙅

  14. Kimberly Lamitie says:

    I’d turn the tall shelf flat against the wall the tree is on. It will look towards the door. Even though the couch will lock some of the shelves the height of the tree and shelf will balance out the wall. Couch facing your desk. 🤷🏼‍♀️. Cube shelf away for the season. The struggle.

  15. Katherine Gabrielle says:

    1. Girlfriend, you so pretty! <3
    2. I am in love with your office Christmas tree!
    3. Those color changing lights look so cool! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know some were battery operated with a timer. Makes me want to put some in the bathroom as a night light (for myself) lol

  16. Beth Soto says:

    My micro yorkie is obsessed with my son!!

  17. Marisa Lovitt says:

    Your basement is looking good. You look so excited. 🤩

  18. Jolis'a Young says:

    Gosh dang it your boys are so handsome i want to say beautiful but i was corrected today males are handsome….☺

  19. To Have and To Vacuum says:

    Loved it girl!

  20. Iris Martinez says:

    Hi Amanda! Do you prefer stainless steel pans to non stick? Can anything be cooked in there without sticking?

  21. Solmaria Ramos says:

    Hi Amanda!! Everthing is looking great!! Best part was watching how the guys were helping u out. Great teamwork!!! Keep it up! Hope your thanksgiving was a joyous day. Hugs from Puerto Rico! ☀🇵🇷

  22. vidhya d says:

    Lovely decoration and very neat cleaned video

  23. Jenn Rene says:

    Put the couch where the desk is and the desk where the couch is♡ the tall shelf can go where the lower shelf was

  24. Rebecca Mendez says:

    I found u about two weeks ago and I can stop watching your videos ❤️

  25. VV says:

    Wow the prosses of the basement is come out good, to rearrange your office maybe have your desk were the shoe organizer is or the opposite wall were the couch is now and maybe have the couch by the windows

  26. Mercy Sauls says:

    Wow!! It looks so different but really good it will be done before you know it!! ❤❤❤

  27. Joanna Sikola says:

    Thanks for sharing. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished basement. I'm sure it will look beautiful like the rest of your home. ❤

  28. Cassie L says:

    Just need a cozy blanket for couch in office. Question?? Do you hate curtains?

  29. Sheri Laffey says:

    Since you asked for advice about your office layout, I'd suggest that once you take the Christmas tree down, that you put your ladder shelf in that general area. You were so happy with the shelf. It's too crowded and hidden by your sofa as it is now. Loved your video!

  30. Sunshinegirl says:

    Try the couch at window as it looks like a bigger indent, maybe desk at the end smaller window

  31. Tiffanie Elledge says:

    I love the one lonely wooden spoon by the stove. All it's friends are in the dishwasher. That's how you know it was a big meal.

  32. Karla’s Sweet Life says:

    Thanks for sharing this Amanda! I loved how everyone pitched in! Great video as usual! ❤️

  33. cassie rennoldson says:

    You're so sweet & kind. I love hearing your voice on the voice overs. I'm watching you to get motivated to clean my house & decorate the tree lol Merry Christmas hun! ❤️🙂

  34. Hafida Elkilani says:


  35. Karla’s Sweet Life says:

    You are so motivational and your music is always so on point. I’m watching again while working on my cricut. 😆

  36. Rylene Hindley says:

    I need those lids. I hate plastic wrap sooo much… I love that you show the real mess cause that is REAL life!😘

  37. Honest Pleasure says:

    I’m obsessed with that sink

  38. Honest Pleasure says:

    I say put some shelves on the wall vs a standing shelf unit !!

  39. samia berbra says:

    Very enjoying your video.
    Love how the dad and the kids are helping God bless them and you.
    I would like to know if you followed a method or something for them to have this sens of helping because my husband is never around when i'm doing shores or helpinf the kids with home work and i feel sometimes very exausted😢

  40. Meet the Mareks says:

    Your clean with me’s are always so satisfying!!!

  41. tkdally says:

    Another great, motivating video 🙂

    Do you think the boys will move straight into their new rooms once they're finished or will they wait awhile?

  42. nicole robinson says:

    Hey Amanda! Hope you & your family enjoy thanksgiving 🧡. I’ll be putting up a tree today.

  43. Lisa Marie says:

    Love seeing the stages of the basement makeover . May I ask how come the boys bedrooms are moving down there ? What are your plans for their current rooms upstairs ?

  44. Dawn Buchanan says:

    I like that you share real life moments makes me feel not so alone about my messes lol. Luke is such a good helper!!

  45. Katie Robertson says:

    Love the boys wanting to help with the tree and it is still Pinterest worthy! You always have a gorgeous house! And the basement looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it done!

  46. maria alvarado says:

    We have a Yorkie, his name is Diesel and he is obsessed with my husband.

  47. Katlyn Tucker says:

    Mom and I are deep cleaning the house today and this was just the motivation we needed lol

  48. ttu888didfitRhonda Vigil says:

    Definitely. Everyone chips in at my house. I agree with you. I cook. Everyone else does dishes.
    Hubby does bathrooms.
    Son vacuums and windows.
    I dust and swiffer.
    Laundry is a family affair.
    We all work outside the home. It takes all of us to keep the house looking good.

  49. T P says:

    I love all of your cleaning video’s! I am struggeling with anxiety and its worst before going to bed, i found this channel a week ago, but your video’s really help me to relax and have beter sleep at night thank you! Xx from holland🇱🇺

  50. Katie Hemphill says:

    Love these videos 💖 they’re extremely motivational and I have severe depression and anxiety so I watch one of your cleaning and/or decor videos and they just help me so freaking much. You are such an inspiration 🖤

  51. Tracie Louise says:

    Awwww look at Noah asleep bless him❤❤❤

  52. Courtney Felix says:

    Wow Amanda!! The basement is really coming along 😍. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your Christmas decorations look great!

  53. Cindy M says:

    I love the way your office turned out. Your house looks amazing. The basement is a dream. You and your family are so loving and certainly deserving of your new space.🎄🙏🏻

  54. Carla Cadrecha says:

    Your office is sooo cute!
    Personally, I would remove the cube storage system, (it’s a bit too much furniture for the room).
    Consider keeping the sofa on the main wall, & after Christmas move the tall shelf back to the corner where the tree is ☺️

  55. Michelle Kahler says:

    Amanda I love your Videos so much I love how you show real life 💖 your voice is so calming xxx

  56. HYGGE HOUSE says:

    That’s so awesome your husband pitches in with cleaning! My hubby is really good about it too and I’m so grateful because I know some guys don’t help as much. And Lord knows I can use the help! 🤣 Those lid things for leftovers are so cool! I hate plastic wrap! Great motivation 👍🏻

  57. Nikki Nichols says:

    Haven't been watching long, but love your content!

  58. Nikki Nichols says:

    May I ask where you got your island chairs? I love them!!

  59. Barbara Yalch says:

    Awesome decorating for Christmas. Basement looks good im so happy for you guys getting it done.

  60. Cristiane Holanda says:

    Amanda eu adoro seus videos! Sou uma brasileira que mora na Italia a mais de 12 anos. Meu ingles nao e muito bom, mas consigo entender tudo. Voce com seus videos me ajudou bastante na organizacao da minha casa e da minha familha ( eu tambem tenho 3 filhos). Obrigada por condividir seu bom gosto, sua rotina e seu carisma. 😘

  61. Minimal Zebra says:

    Love seeing the reality and your Christmas decor turned out beautifully❤️🎄

  62. Fabiola Geronimo says:

    Just subscribed to your channel personally I love these kinds of videos (cleaning)

  63. Garcia Family says:

    Hello & hugs from me in Houston!!! Team work on the kitchen was awesome 🙂 Well, we have a lot of cats in the home & 2 dogs….I have a cat, Mr. Kitty whom is my shadow, lol! I am pretty close with them all, though….Mom of 6 here, so we are always needing a lot of clean up…decorations look beautiful…love always xoxo

  64. Josee Dumont says:

    The dog hoping for something to drop 😂

  65. Malia La Vallee says:

    I love that you show the real side of life in your videos. It makes you so relatable! Keep up the great channel and happy holidays.

  66. Pamela McFadden says:

    I am Not judging you..I am a mother too..4 children but mine are Your age. Just advice. When you cook clean as you go. Then you WON'T BE over whelmed with a huge mess.

  67. Simply Mel says:

    Thanks for all this motivation! And I just love your editing, I have so much to learn in this YouTube world! 🤗

  68. Simply Mel says:

    Yes can’t wait for for the basement update ! 🙌🙌

  69. Sandy Frank says:

    Why is this so satisfying to watch?

  70. Gennie Jefferson says:

    You 2 are the sweetest couple. So great together…….home is so beautiful. Decorated so perfect. Tree is gorgeous. You’ll have so many bedrooms. Will the boys be scared to sleep down there.?

  71. Amy Foster says:

    The basement is going to be AMAZING!!!

  72. The Sweet Stitcher says:

    That tree looks pretty perfect too me. Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

  73. rose609 says:

    Your home looks beautiful the basement is huge great cleaning motivation

  74. Amanda Mayhue says:

    Is an E-cloth the same as a microfiber cloth?

  75. Cathy Aliwis says:

    Ahhh I love your tree in your office 😍 BUT OMG THE BASEMENT !!!! I’m loving it!!!

  76. Emma Boockmeier says:

    For your office try putting your desk in front of the smaller window and the couch where your desk is. Then put the cube against the wall where the couch currently is.

  77. Belinda Roberts says:


  78. Jurgita Rask says:

    You are such a wonderful and inspiring family! Love your videos. Enjoy the holiday season!

  79. Peace.Love.n.Teaching says:

    Great video! That’s awesome Kyle helps you in the kitchen. I have a rule in my house; if I cook I am not cleaning the kitchen. If I make a large meal using multiple pots and pans I will clean as I cook. My children are older so they can do the whole kitchen without me 👍😬.

  80. Elizabeth Keller says:

    Love this video!! Where did you get the little trees and houses on the bookshelf?! So cute!

  81. Tranada Finley says:

    I appreciate your vulnerability!!! Thank you it helps me a lot.

  82. Yaffa Vizel says:

    Best. Video. Love the Christmas tree! It's beautifully decorated 🙂
    Thanks for the basement update, it looks amazing! I can't wait to see the paint, lights and floors. You guys are doing a great job.

    For the office, I was smiling as you were rearranging because I do that as well when I just can't figure it out. We have a small living/dining room so we keep moving the furniture around the room every few months. Looks good!!

  83. Marice Green says:

    Beautiful, and great team work. The basement looks great looking forward to seeing further progress on it.

  84. Rebecca Lunsford says:

    I do most of the cleaning too. My family helps but it's hard. My husband had back surgery a year old and is still recovering. And our toddler makes it hard to get things done. But we keep plugging away.

  85. Rebecca Lunsford says:

    Everything is so beautiful.

  86. Rebecca Lunsford says:

    My 3 year old keeps undecorationing our Christmas tree. So of course I have to keep putting everything back up.

  87. ohmigodxitskym1 says:

    Get a chaise lounge!! Will work much better in an office

  88. Dawn Marie Chiko says:

    Looks beautiful

  89. amandoot2003 says:

    Where can I buy the soap dispenser in the UK x

  90. Schae Kneeland says:

    I bought my mom ecloths for Christmas! My parents just got their first set of stainless steel appliances after 27 years of marriage.

  91. Shelia Bowen says:

    Looks like you have a very good helper❤️

  92. Jennifer Davis says:

    I bought those rubber expandable/fitted lids last year and they are wonderful! I love that I have one small enough to cover cans. No air is getting under those lids!!

  93. Natalie Hennessey says:

    I would LOVE to hear how much you've increased the value of your home with the basement remodel once it's complete! I know numbers can be a bit iffy for some families, but even an estimate or something would be super interesting! 🙂

  94. dodie nickleson says:

    I think you should try the couch in front of the big window in your office and your desk on the wall you have the couch now and then your shelf in front of the small window. Your house is beautiful dont stress over it.

  95. Maria Torres says:

    Love the way the basement looks, wow💕💕💕. Great video.

  96. m kelly says:

    I love your channel and you because you are real. I wish my house was as tidy as yours! You keep a Gorgeous house

  97. Its.mee. Stacy says:

    Finally a Mom who gets it. You are the first Mom I've seen on youtube that actually let their kid help decorate the tree. ALOT of the Moms I've seen on here decorate beautiful trees but don t let their kids help. The magic of Christmas is about the kids, not about who has the best tree on Insta or youtube . Love your channel.

  98. Lora Mueller says:

    Oh no, you sound exhausted in your voice over for this one…I hope you found some time for yourself to unwind after this weekend. I LOVE the reuseable lid covers you suggested, I will have to pick some up to work on eliminating single use plastic. Also, I am a relatively (for a few months) new subscriber and I NEVER realized you had a dog, Emma is ADORABLE!

  99. glenda kovert says:

    Your house looks amazing! I was so moved watching your son help you decorate and pick up! Cherish the times you have with them. My grandsons came by and helped me get the trees set up. Then left to head back to college. So I started decorating the big tree first because it wears me out. It’s 14 feet tall and very full. Takes a lot to fill it…ladders are not my friends these days, either. I will work on the “cookie cutter tree” tomorrow. I think I won’t decorate the kitchen this year. Your kitchen cleaning section reminded me of my kitchen this year! After everyone left I ended up mopping 3 times before I got all the sticky stuff up!😳🤣thanks for posting! I love sharing your days. If people are negative…don’t read the comment. Delete, delete, delete!

  100. Harleen G says:

    Hi Amanda I love how real you have always been and honestly I wish that's one thing about your channel that never changes. Real life = real mess. I thought about starting for 2 years and finally started back in May and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself online and share your life. I am cleaning along watching this so love the motivation. The tree is beautiful. Honestly I keep moving the furniture until I find the set up I really like, sorry I'm not much help on the office. Someday I will have outdoor christmas decor lol.

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