Miele Soft Carpet Vacuum Review – Quick Overview and Tutorial
Miele Soft Carpet Vacuum Review – Quick Overview and Tutorial

hi guys today I’m going to go over the
miele soft carpet c 3 complete vacuum cleaner now this vacuum cleaner is
really designed for customers with all types of flooring but it’s going to have
a couple special features that make it great on the new ultra soft style
carpeting that’s getting really really popular nowadays so the first is this electrical power
brush it’s going to have five height settings here setting number 1 2 soft
carpet four and soft carpet plus so out of the five height settings that has one
setting that’s going to be ideal for medium soft carpet and another setting
that’s going to be ideal for really high pile soft carpet now another feature on this power head
is very very large rubber wheels this really helps it stay on top of the
carpet and not get bogged down inside now it’s also going to come with this hard
surface floor tool this can be used on any hard surface
from hardwood floors to tile to natural stone has really soft bristles really
cool swivel next to help to hug the ground this is our favorite miele floor tool now
this unit is also completely sealed that means all the air that’s take it
into the unit gets put through the entire filtration process before it’s
blown out it also has a hepa filter so this unit
is great for asthma and allergy sufferers this unit also has three on
board tools crevice tool dust brush upholstery tool they’re all going to be stored right
here in this compartment it’s really nice to there with you at all times they
never get lost you have a OneTouch cord winder hit this
button cord get sucked in the unit makes it great for storage really easy and convenient way now the
second feature that’s going to make this ideal on the new ultra soft carpet is
the suction settings as 6 section settings controlled by these foot pedals
but also has an additional soft carpet suction setting so miele that has figured
out the perfect suction level to clean this new really
soft carpet so that your unit doesn’t get too bogged down and can really clean
and continue to move and be easy to push on it is that’s the main problem that
customers are running into is their vacuum just sinks and with the increased
suction it’s really hard to push and operate and
is not effective at all so new that has these two settings it’s specifically designed for you
customers with that new ultra soft carpet but it can clean every kind of
flooring as well so if you have any other questions about this unit give our
1-800 number call if you don’t thank you for listening

5 thoughts on “Miele Soft Carpet Vacuum Review – Quick Overview and Tutorial”

  1. ThePdxster says:

    How does that SC powerhead compare to the regular SEB 228 powerhead? Is the roller different and are the rollers interchangeable?

  2. Wiggins says:

    Would you recommend this unit for $700 or the Miele C1 HomeCare for $600 — 2 dogs, large house.


    Hello i have the c3 green addition, it has a different turbo brush for the carpet, i feel that the turbo brush is not completely touching the carpet, anyway i can adjust the height?

  4. fobdout says:

    whats the difference in suction/power between the Soft Carpet setting versus the Automatic setting on other Miele vacuums such as the Marin and UniQ?

  5. ddknyc says:

    Buyer beware! I just got off the phone with Miele and I was told that there are no replacement SC heads, they'll replace the SC version that you buy specifically with a standard one that you can't use with soft carpets and oriental rugs. All the other power heads that you can buy separately including the replacement unit they'll send you can't be used on soft carpets, how stupid is that?

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