MIND BLOWING Hidden Rooms and Secret Furniture! Part 2
MIND BLOWING Hidden Rooms and Secret Furniture! Part 2

Are you ready to be amazed? He says this dude, he opens up a little square in his fireplace which to begin with I didn’t know that I was there did you guys know is there probably not cause it looks like the same as all the other squares well set a card and just starts rubbing up on this square and That triggers the mechanism that opens his drawer. I don’t know if he built it himself or he hired somebody to do it But that is something that I don’t think anybody would ever be able to figure out like if you want to hide your like Valuables there no one’s ever gonna be able to rob you well Except for all the people watching this video because now we know where it is, but you shouldn’t do that but I’m saying what’s the point of having a secret room if you give away the Secret so she looks like she’s in a store and she presses on the dryer and then just walks inside But what if you’re in a store and you just want to try the dryer, you’re like I want to test this out Press the button and suddenly this crazy room opens. Would you go inside cuz you know, I would what’s gonna happen here Oh nice that opens up for some extra storage cuz you know, everybody needs some extra storage in their life. That’s cool I like how it’s like a remote control. Well, there’s even more storage These people are set. There’s even more There’s storage inside storage What? Okay. Now that’s cool. That’s cool. These are parents who just really don’t want their kids to touch their alcohol How do you remember which one to press? There’s so many I would just like forget it and in spend all day poking all them until I found the right one So here we got a what looks like a normal kitchen counter and then he just casually slides it off and there’s stairs. Oh That’s so cool I need this in my life These videos just make me really want to have a secret room I don’t know what I would do with the room. Like I don’t know why I would put in it Like I think I would just make like a cool little like hangout zone. This dude is just casually probably hiding really expensive wine I’m like Late at night when my boyfriend’s like come sleep And I’m like one more level and he can’t bother me cuz I’d be in my secret room. Okay, what’s gonna happen here? Okay, he’s gonna open that panel. I know it he pushes it open and It’s just sex for storage. I mean, I’m not hating on some secret storage I’d rather have a secret room but secret storage is also cool Who is making these things he just like pushes it and it’s like and There he’s storing all his shoes. I mean, this is for the people who like Really want to keep their house going don’t want their shoes out. Okay. It’s a little owl. Oh Well, you got a problem I’m joking. I hope it keeps them cool at least – cuz imagine it’s a hot day and everything starts getting hot white What oh That was awesome. I like these ones I just like blends in like how did they seamlessly make it look like it just doesn’t exist This is a fridge same. I need a hidden fridge. Yeah, but nobody eats my food Nobody get this book shots gonna move. Whoa. I knew it Who needs a secret in laundry room, that’s the most boring of all secret rooms I could ever think of I mean I can’t hate cuz I don’t even have a secret room At least these people got a secret laundry room. But like why would you waste it on a laundry room? I would do something cooler pulls out and it’s a hidden spice rack My mom would like this boy what they made a hidden chair It looks hella uncomfortable, but I’m down for it. What’s happening here? This is a really big backyard Wow People got lots of property and I just want to like cart do cartwheels in there lawn. I feel like it’s gonna be TV I still wanna do cartwheels like I want to roll around in this grass Hey, will you let this random girl roll around in your grass? Okay. It’s got to be a TV It’s a TV. See I know these things I bet they watch as we land on that TV. What? There’s a door in the bricks. This never loses its appeal like I can watch these videos all day every day Okay, so he’s touching something there was going now. Oh It’s the bulk shelves we gotta be suspicious of all the bookshelves can never trust a bookshelf a bookshelf might just be a door. Oh Cool that looks so smooth. I want to just like slide it up and down over and over again like real, you know What it’s a Rubik’s Cube, but then when you’re trying to solve it, you could just get a bunch of doors This is so cool. Oh And there’s even a chair inside of it. What can’t this room is cubed? Ooh, I needed in my life. Seriously Where can I order one? Okay Is she angry no, oh I was not expecting a second chair that just came out of nowhere Okay, you know if they really want to impress me, I want to see two more chairs come out Okay, I didn’t get my two chairs. Oh It looked attached What that was so seamless I like that it’s you can like randomly make a desk come out of here watching these videos just makes me feel like My house just isn’t cool enough. You know, I’m gonna start thinking about this just you wait Give me a few months and I will have the perfect secret room Oh, I love these ones when you push something and then the wall just turns into a door Look how happy he is, too Like he’s so proud of himself and he should be because do any of you guys have secret rooms. What? This is just confusing What is this for clothes it’s a stair. Oh so you can get up there you can use it as stairs and clothing Okay, I like it. Okay, so we got another hidden TV, but why you got a high your TV’s for oh cool It’s a hidden pool What? How is it filling up so fast? I don’t know why you would want to hide your pool Like maybe they use this floor for like other activities I don’t know wouldn’t you just like once your pool to be out there all the time? these are things that I’m like I bet Batman has these things it allows blue to That’s cool. So this one’s a pretty cool story So this father made this daughter her own Secret room before she was born and then he hid it from her Until her sixth birthday now sixth birthday he gave her this map and she had to use his map to fine her secret room so eventually the map takes her to her own bedroom and she’s like What do you mean I sleep in here? How did I not notice so she’s there was banging on the walls until she hears a hollow sound And she’s like from here to here as a room because this girl she’s smart, but like there’s no way to get in How does how did they get in? So the dad’s feeling around – he probably just forgot where it was because I was so long ago so he actually physically has to cut open the wall and Open it up little girl I’m so excited. I’m so excited for her. It’s a room I’m gonna do this for my kids straight up. This is so cool. Oh Not only this should get a secret room there’s but there’s treasure in the secret room, that’s so cool She’s so happy and excited. I mean I would be to look at all those treasures and that’s a really good sixth birthday okay, so here it looks like it’s a room with a lot of beds and Underneath the bunk beds, they’re storage space, but he said although he’s there more under the carpet. What’s under the carpet? What the floor does move? I mean, there’s just storage but it’s still cool. It goes really deep It’s a lot of storage. Yes. It looks like just a regular What? What the do comes in he’s like looking cool And he opens up his mirror and That’s where he keeps his clothes Well, that’s pretty handy because you can literally take the clothes and not put it on and see what it looks like. I Like that, it’s convenient and cool. This is a smart safe Whether we’re going out of town for a few days what for we’re just having guests over You like to keep our valuables hidden in here, dude? I would have not known but now I know honestly I’m gonna be second-guessing everything I see now. Everything’s gonna be a secret room and a secret safe and a secret Chair and a secret TV life is different. Now. What was this whole house moving like why? What about all the furniture what have you had a glass of water on the table like now now your carpet is wet Was that a hole was that? was that all a trick a fake house that that looks cool the stairs it just Shrinking. Oh, so it’s like a wheelchair-accessible I love it. Oh That’s cute. I like it. Well there you have it guys some more Secret rooms and cool furniture looking things if you guys want to see another video of this I can show you So many more like I didn’t know so many people be living these secret lives in secret rooms. Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you guys so much. Stay awesome, Stacey, and don’t forget to be nice other. Bye. Bye

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