Minecraft Like Voxel Game Demo In Godot (FPS And 3rd Person)

Hey guys, Cory here. Today I have the
first of three videos showcasing the current state of voxel technology in the
Godot game engine. And to be honest this one is the most boring of the three. So
if you like what you see here, you’re really going to love the next two videos.
As you can see we have the same minecraft style blocky voxels you’ve
seen all over the Internet. What’s interesting here is that this is
available to Godot developers. Everything you see here is open-source and the
backend is built in C++ so runs much faster than Gdscript. The module was
created by Zylann AKA Marc Gilleron who has made several other great projects
for Godot. I’ve been contributing to the project for the past few months
including writing a bunch of documentation and making this demo we’re watching now. You’ll find the links for everything in the description below. Here the terrain is generated by a
height map which is just a black and white image. Turning on collision debugging works as
expected. You can see the blue lines represent the collision shape on the
terrain. You can also provide your own GD GDscript or C++ to generate a landscape.
Here’s one generated by a sine wave. And as you can see, we’ve applied a grass and
rock texture to the ground as well. That’s it for this video. In the next
video we’re going to look at what happens when we smooth out the voxels. And here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like down the voxel rabbit hole. If you enjoyed
this video, I’d appreciate a like and a share. Let me know what you think of this
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