Miniatures from Mexico. Opening dollhouse gifts from Mexico
Miniatures from Mexico. Opening dollhouse gifts from Mexico

Well hello my friends! I’m very excited
today because the word is out. And my friends and family know that I collect miniatures for my dollhouse so i received this package with these
beautiful treasures that were sent from Mexico. I have this couple beautiful little skillet and a saute pan and of course, once I polish them they are
going to look more beautiful and a pitcher and serving platter. Now I’m going to have to separate them by different scales because they send miniatures but they don’t know exactly what sizes are… the ones that I need. so here is
another skillet but this is bigger maybe his is 1/12, and this is 1/16 scale. And this is also the serving platter but bigger than this serving platter so, I’m
going to have to measure them, to see which of my houses they they go better with. and another pitcher, Oh, this is actually smaller. so I’m going to move this one with the bigger ones these are absolutely gorgeous! this is in the shape of a leaf and this is probably for serving appetizers or something like
that or even for decor on the walls this beautiful basket, I can have this as a
fruit basket, where I keep my fruit or… they can use it when the dolls go grocery
shopping to the market Look at this, are just very very exquisite. these are clay, different styles this is a platter that probably was
meant to be as wall decoration Oh and this is very interesting. People don’t use this anymore It is called the metate. and this is where they would grind the corn to make tortillas. and this is a fan it was used to fan the flames on your
wood-burning stove today, it is mostly used for decor on the wall this is a molcajete you may have seen it in Mexican restaurants where they prepare the guacamole on the table but this is used to make salsa. it’s made of lava stone. You would put your tomatoes and your ingredients in here and then you smash them. Then, you get this delicious salsa You would see that it acquires a different flavor than…. when you do it on the blender water jugs in different colors this is absolutely beautiful!
it actually has gold of the outlines of the designs here and, these were platters that were made of wood but this one I’m going to be using for decor on the
wall and this is probably going to be for the bigger scale. And this would be
for the smaller scale. And again, this is the same thing as this other molcajete This one is made of clay this is lava rock and this is for the smaller this is for the bigger scale. I’ll start separating them here water jug for the bigger scale and in different design I have here a basket. So now, I have the
bigger basket and the smaller one so this one’s gonna be on the smaller side and this one, I’m gonna keep on the bigger side I am so happy that people think of me when they go traveling. And they can bring me back these beautiful things that I couldn’t have found here so these are actually for setting on the table this is where you would drink your hot chocolate this is going to probably be for the bigger scale because they would be the same almost the same size as a
water jug for the smaller scale this is a wall shelf and it already has the items attached so I can just put it on the wall. But look at
how little now this I’m compared to this one these are so tiny I’m gonna have to
figure out which ones of the scales this is good for now I have the kitchen
utensils the rolling pin your spatula your spoon this is called Emily media
disgust used to make hot cocoa and this is human
you could also use it we did one for stashing my ingredients in that one has the same thank you both
I need a smaller scale mother spatula so I’ll cook fish here in the Baskin and then they found a smaller version a tiny of a renovated are to me it’s a tiny little rolling pin this is
probably more like for a Barbie size a little spoon and I’ve only media and
this is the tortilla the tortilla keeper once you warm them up and you put them
here and they remain warm and these are some garden creatures a little frog a turtle I think these were meant to be
charged for a bracelet or a chain because I see the the whole form for the
rope or the chain but for me they’re going to be garden creatures in my own well I am so glad to share this with you
I hope you enjoyed it please feel free to leave me your comment you know that
I’m going to waiting a house so there’s a lot of videos that contain miniatures
and share the video if you like and don’t forget to subscribe thank you for
watching you you

8 thoughts on “Miniatures from Mexico. Opening dollhouse gifts from Mexico”

  1. Azucena Moreno says:

    so cute

  2. Ana says:

    Están bellas tus minis!

  3. nancy haywood says:

    those are so cute, how did you get those

  4. myers laboratory says:

    can we buy thing?very cute

  5. luvsdvds says:

    Thanks for sharing the fun of opening your mini gifts … you have very nice friends who gift you minis for your dollhouses. I, too, have friends who bring me back minis as souvenirs from their trips. It is so heartwarming to have them pay attention to my hobby and take the time to choose minis for me, I am sure you feel the same way about your friends! 🙂

    Gracias por compartir cuan divertido fue para ti abrir tus mini regalor … tienes muy buenas amigas que te regalan minis para tus casas de munecas. Yo tambien tengo amigas (y amigos) que me traen minis como souvenirs de sus viajes. Es tan tierno que ellos presten atencion a mi hobby y se tomen el tiempo para escoger las minis para me, estoy segura de que tu sientes igual por tus amigas! 🙂

  6. Kimberly Mason says:

    the music is so distracting –

  7. guadalupe696 says:

    Yo quierooo que bellesas

  8. Paula Lang says:

    They were all adorable! Loved it all! Great friends!

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