Minimalist Vs. Interior Designer: Apartment Makeover
Minimalist Vs. Interior Designer: Apartment Makeover

82 thoughts on “Minimalist Vs. Interior Designer: Apartment Makeover”

  1. iam nesan says:


  2. •Eminenceptionalism • says:

    Dammit..everytime i see merle in the thumbnail i always thought that there will be aria😢

  3. Alinur Nure says:

    I never expected that this channel would become my favorite youtube channel.

  4. Blair Kwan says:

    Im a simple man, i see Merle i click

  5. Blair Kwan says:

    1:13 same

  6. Sayyora Abduhalim says:

    who else is here just cuz u saw merle in the thumbnail, lolll

  7. lise phạm says:

    I would love to invite the world into my apartment and they will see the trash and appreciate wat they have

  8. Flying Penguina says:

    22 years of designing experience! But he looks not much older than that!

  9. cammy a says:

    Helene definitely had the best project

  10. cammy a says:

    And yes please keep as on an update . We wanna see the full makeover

  11. dc says:

    Where is aria

  12. Blair Kwan says:

    Why didnt they show us the makeover?

  13. princesayoleasa says:

    Can’t wait for part two

  14. Bull TV says:

    Im a simple man, i see Merle i know Aria's gonna be on it. I click!

    Welp! Atleast i can felt Aria's presence there lol…

  15. Selene Y says:

    I m curious why they blurred the paintings? Not like those have copyright

  16. Krystel Gonzalez says:

    I want to see the new apartment plz 👍

  17. Seyra Nadia says:

    Waiting for Aria to pop up……

  18. Cynthia Alvarez says:

    Yes Helene, Make the bed room sexy for Aria Merle….

  19. ya ko says:

    Does anyone know what mattress does she use

  20. Muhammad R says:

    No Aria in a Merle video? Is that even legal?

  21. TheChef says:

    Merle Thumbnail:

    me: ok. i’ll watch

  22. Shafira Luano says:

    Is that the same sweater Aria’s been wearing on the “dates” vid? Just wondering🤞🏾

  23. Star Cherry says:

    Don't let her take your plants!!
    They clean the air!

  24. Amanda Rose says:

    Anyone else think she should've gone with the other designer?

  25. nguyen mandy says:

    Even her before apartment is my dream apartment 😂

  26. Nisha Sembian says:

    Yeaaa who else clicked hoping for some good merlia content? XD

  27. Leia Gomez says:

    This is the scariest video I've ever watched

  28. pumpkinmakesmelaugh alot says:

    2:43 – she’s prolly thinking “yea aria”

  29. IrianGaming says:

    Where's Aria?

  30. Nisha Sembian says:

    She's doing it for Aria.

  31. B Ningthouja says:

    Truth be told, 7:49 is the moment that made Merle to go with Helene.

  32. some person says:

    This has nothing to do with Merle and Aria but I clicked for Merle and Aria

  33. Miss stha says:

    We obviously need a part 2 to this right

  34. MNO says:

    Yes! Follow up pls!

  35. DaatBoi99 says:

    Merle has such an intense RBF it's kinda attractive

  36. Suman Subramaniam says:

    Where tf is my Merlia fix?!

  37. CLB30ROX says:

    Ok, I definitely need an update video. With Aria in it. Please and thank you 😁

  38. Suman Subramaniam says:

    Anyone notice at 2:23 Merle is wearing Aria's sweater?

  39. Genia says:

    Anyone else found it strange they didnt start with her needs/ the items she absolutely wanted to keep? Merle has lots of unique & meaningful show pieces that could be used to anchor the space!

  40. Aaron Eddy says:

    Omg obviously I wanna see what you do with the apartment

  41. Kanishka Gupta says:

    I was having that Helene was trying to change Merle to behave like her where as David was incorporating Merle needs and ideas

  42. Karel Larsen says:

    Yes let us see the remake!! ❤️

  43. zette9 says:

    Aria’s sweater

  44. Ankita Pandey says:

    Merle: what do you think of this chair?
    Me: yeah, I see your shirt and the love for the chair very clearly. 😂

  45. Nuzhat Ahmed says:

    Wow the male designer has incredible skin😍😮😮😮 when he said he was designing for 22 years I was like, Whaaaa-?

  46. James Holland says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the apartment makeover. I hope that you are able to keep your plants. The life and beauty that the plants convey, beautifully mirror the same essence that you have, Merle.

  47. Fiona - says:

    i am in love with her for real

  48. Shiv Prasad says:

    Who else watching the entire video you are not interested in but just for Merele and Aria content…

  49. obi wan kenobi says:

    Where is aria? Hello?

  50. Anna Polking says:

    why did they blur the painting 3:16

  51. YusraRahim Art says:

    12:00 who is making the plan pictures!😂😂

  52. Silver TheShy says:

    Honestly, she shouldn't have gone with the minimalist. The other stylist was actually going to take her needs and wants into account to make the place how she wanted while the minimalist is going to basically uproot everything, which sometimes isn't bad but like how merle was saying she wants drastic change, sometimes drastic change isn't the best root. Especially for her, all the traveling and such she does, she likes to have plants and knick knacks from her travels, it makes more sense to incorporate that into her living situation than to completely change everything and basically cave in a couple months when she gets tired of how sterile the new style is

  53. Tina Yael Severinovna M. says:

    'Just pop an adderall.'

    As someone that needs my medication to function… I fucking hate that comment. And it makes me dislike her.

  54. cedellis_ says:

    YES PART 2

  55. Srionti Maitra says:

    I would love to see the rest of this renovation! 🙂

  56. itika joshi says:

    Radical change = date at work wink wink merlia??

  57. Jiefeng Low says:

    Yea do the makeover but keep some plants!

  58. Reinan Koubani says:

    I feel awkward

  59. Kim Roddy says:

    Seriously want to see the makeover. Why post this video if we don't get to see the end result. 🙄

  60. Chaikristin says:

    Im so excited to see it!!!

  61. Brandi Bigelow says:

    The title specifies a "Apartment Makeover" that's what we're here to see. Let's see the final product please!

  62. *HELLO* *THERE* says:

    she kinda looks lke that chair

    bc of her top

  63. Wisam Odish says:

    Do it!

  64. uwu says:

    no one:
    david rios: D R A M A

  65. Rashmi Abbigeri says:

    Please update us on this Merle

  66. Yellow Asian Banana says:

    "I'm in this place in my life where I'm taking a lot of risks"

  67. Rossygrossy says:

    Definitely make this happen, it would be so exciting to see the end result

  68. Joshua Samuels says:

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  69. Jimmy Rustles says:

    How rude, they could’ve at least asked Aria what changes he would’ve liked to see since he’s going to spend a lot of time there 👀😆

  70. Marilia Dalabeneta says:

    Her before apartment is way better than my place 😂😂😂😂

  71. greatboniwanker says:

    The plants will return, have no fear…but is no one going to mention that Hawaiian-style veggie shirt? OMG! ❤️

  72. Strange Soul says:

    1:30 a picture of aria???

  73. Camila M says:

    Watching these designers compete and give different opinions on her space is just giving me anxiety for some reason. It would have been better if she had done the run-through with them each separately and see if they could build a connection with her and listen to her more instead of them desperately throwing ideas at her just to be heard. I wasn't enjoying that at all and couldn't keep watching it, it was really awkward.

  74. Ana Valentina Garcia says:

    Yaaaas I am exited for next episode

  75. Alvin Kong says:

    Gurl, go for it. Aria is ever ready ☺️

  76. Blaidd Bibby says:

    When she said she had stuff to remind her of people she loves, I was preparing myself for a house full of aria photos

  77. Nike reck says:

    do itttt

  78. leeleechristmaslover says:

    Obviously finish the makeover

  79. The match Kookie is holding in Spring Day says:

    I disagree with "hide your clutter = theme of minimalism"
    If you still have that clutter around you, you won't calm down. Because you know it's still there in a box.

  80. Rohit tammineedi says:

    Merle the pearl

  81. Kenna Lindgren says:

    Definitely like to see more👍

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