Mixed Media with Fibers – Finishing the Fiber Princess
Mixed Media with Fibers – Finishing the Fiber Princess

hello everyone it’s Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio. Today I’m sharing with you the finishing of the piece that
I started on art joy of sharing livestream last Thursday and peg had
wanted to show how to use fibers in mixed-media which is something that I
don’t do very often but I thought it was a fun challenge and so I made this 6×6
first off camera off screen if you just kind of try out some of my ideas and so
at the beginning part of here I’m towing I’m telling you what I did and what I
did was using some of the gel prints that I made in the previous live show
I made this 6×6 and then I started this 7 by 14 canvas these are both
pre-prepared stretched canvas you know pre gesso whatever and I’m using some
photographs which I will put credits below two who took these photographs
sometimes if if you don’t feel comfortable or you don’t want to draw
you can use in your collage a photograph and then paint over the top of it and
make it your own and that’s what I did with both of these
pieces so I started out with gel print collage and collaging on some
photographs which I printed off of unsplash.com which is a royalty-free
photo site they just asked as a courtesy that you give credit for the photos so
that’s what I’ll be doing below and then I’m using some acrylic paints to paint
over the pieces of collage on photo which I printed on my inkjet printer and
I sealed those with some fluid matte medium and a brayer just a light coat of
fluid matte medium let that dry before I tore them out when I am doing a collage
a background collage or any type of closure I like to tear the edges because
I think it makes it blend into the background better so I tore my images
and then I glued them all on there with a gel matte medium
and that’s what I use for as a glue for most of this project this piece the
sleeves and the bodice and dress are gel printed fabric the whole show was about
how to use textiles and fibers and other things that are not paper in your mix
media and so on that gel printing session and I’ll put a link in the iCard
above for that gel printing session speed through that I have somewhere on
my channel I’ll find it for you and I made this this gel printed layered
fabric and it’s just it started out as just a plain off-white piece of
lightweight cotton material that had been printed with a few different
stencils and colors and I made the dress on the girl out of that piece of fabric
so this is kind of my first part of putting on any type of textiles or
fibers the rest of it has all been paint and and paper so far and all those
papers were made during that gel printing session that we had on our joy
of sharing two weeks ago I guess so kind of going from one show to another show
showing how the things that I made on this show can be used on this on this
project so I’m attaching the fabric using matte gel medium it’s more like a
paste it’s a thicker glue is basically a heavyweight acrylic paint with no
pigment in it I’m also attaching some lace in places where there are seams or
splits when you have something that’s as dimensional as a fabric or a lace it’s a
good idea to just kind of camouflage that with something and so I’m putting
the lace over the those splits down at the bottom where I widened out the dress
because I thought it was too skinny it looked weird
she looked anorexic so it wasn’t cool with that and then just to tie together
the whole lace idea I put a piece of it up here around a section of my tile
which I put at the top and I painted on extra hair that the the
piece of photographs of all the photographic self cut off basically
right right at her collarbones and so now I’m going to add some fiber over the
top of the hair and like make it real dimensional so these fibers are like
some types of yarns and things that I have on these cards it was a popular
thing to use back when I used to be a Stampin Up demonstrator we had fibers
and also other companies had them ek success made these adornment ones and
they’re just different types of yarns or wools that they instead of having to buy
a whole shank of it you could buy these little cards they were color-coordinated
with a few you know a few feet of the fibers so I’m using two different fibers
from two different cards one of them is kind of a yarn that has a sparkly
texture tied on to it I mean I don’t know how they make you put the other one
it has colors of dark brown and light brown and kind of a gray and a black and
have it’s very furry its its soft its furry and I’m kind of alternating those
two fibers and bringing them down along the lines that I had painted and I am
using my gel matte medium to sell every stud cell oh my gosh seal everything in
there as I’m doing it but I’m also using some tacky glue as I go because tacky
glue is well it’s tacky it’s sticky it’s it’s viscous and so if you got something
that won’t lay down and it keeps wanting you know the end of it wants to pop up
because it has its own shape that it wants to remain in and you’re trying to
glue it down flat sometimes adding a little bit of tacky glue helps so all
these glues of course will dry clear and you won’t know that they’re there it’s
just kind of the process of of getting all these
to lay down also my fingers were getting very sticky and I would try to press
things down and then my sticky glue on my finger would pull up the fiber so I
gave the little tip of using a wet baby wipe or wet towel to you know not
sopping wet but damp so that you can press down the things into the glue
without it sticking because the moisture on the baby wipe keeps it from sticking
to the baby wipe so pretty much that is where it ended from art joy sharing I
was not even close to being done with the project and I promised that I would
complete it and make a video so this is the video that I promised the total
process between art joy sharing I started the collage before in the green
room then I did what I did and then it took me another two plus hours to
complete so this video is a little bit longer than I normally make I didn’t
want to split it into two videos because what I’ve noticed is when I split things
into two videos people there’s more people who watch the first video and
then they don’t watch the second video so I’m not sure why they do that because
I don’t know I guess they run out of time or whatever but I need to see the
whole process so I decided to just go ahead and try to get this down as small
as I could get it and just have it in one video which it’s not down to 20
minutes it’s more like it’s probably closer to 30 25 or 30 minutes so I had
that tile up at the top was very grabbing your eye and they needed
something down in the lower corner to balance it and to also continue that
kind of a diagonal line so I I cut out some of the gel print that had a lot of
different circle tiles on it as a different a different stencil from since
the girl that comes in the same same collection as the bigger tile and I put
that down I had some craft doily that I put an edge of it to can make like a
lacy edge and then I put a piece of sorry ribbon on there that’s going
agonal ii in the same direction as that diagonal line that’s up at the top and
then a fabric flower over the top of it just to because flowers are feminine and
this is a pretty feminine looking projects obviously got a girl on it so I
thought flowers are appropriate then I’m adding some other ribbons and trim to
the edges of the tile because I had put the lace on the one edge so then I felt
like I needed something on the other edges as I’m doing my projects I do make
the papers and things go all the way around the edge so that you can just
hang this canvas up without putting it in a frame I’ll probably end up selling
this I don’t know keeping it I’m not sure but the rest
today that doily the rest of the craft do this from Maya craft Maya Maya Road
craft I don’t know anyway it’s kind of a cart stuck weight craft paper and I
decided that really I didn’t want it to be craft colored and I wish that I would
have done this with the other edge because I ended up having to paint it
but I used some Sedona colored paint from Dino akley and some PBO copper and
sponged that doily and then I also have this this um grunge board or chipboard
it’s grunge board cuz it smells funny but not sure where I got it I think it
was from happy mail it’s a crown shape and I I wanted to I don’t know the
balance wasn’t there with just having the tile at the top it needed something
else and I tried a lot of different things I tried some lace I tried some a
lot of different things which I don’t show that audition process here on this
video because I’m trying to cut down the length of it but I ended up putting this
this doily as kind of like a sort of almost like a halo and it it kind of
makes the Tyl that gel printed tile in the back
not so like oh look at me you know what I want you to look when you when you’re
looking at this canvas I want to see the girl I don’t want you to see this tile
at the top it’s fascinating looking it almost looks kind of like maybe a
stained-glass window or something and it’s it makes a great background but it
was just it was drawing too much attention so by adding that that doily
it it’s kind of the same type of an idea as those tiles and shapes it’s that same
type of a shape but it it makes you look at the girl instead of the tile I don’t
know if I’m making sense I hope I am but there’s a reason for the things that I
do I just it’s all about balance and where your eye goes and what you see so
then I had some paper flowers and I added a couple paper flowers by the
crown and a couple paper flowers in the center of that fabric flower down in the
bottom corner and now I feel like everything is balanced like it’s all
flowing together you kind of start at the top and your eye flows down through
the girl and out the bottom of the flower sort of and so that’s just
something that you kind of learn as you go it’s just and it also has personal
preference someone else may not like the way this is laid out at all they may
think I did a terrible job but this is the way it felt right to me so then the
thing about the skin whether you’ve drawn the picture or whether you’ve
collage it on the photograph and paint it over it it takes a lot of layers to
really try to bring out a luminescent skin it just you just got to put a lot
of layers on so my next layer is water soluble crayon blended with acrylic and
some of the products that I used on here are water soluble and so this whole
canvas will be sealed with two to three layers of spray sealer I’ll put a very
thin coat on let it dry put another one I’ll probably use triple thick and it’s
probably going to end up being gloss because a lot of this finishing products
that I used on here are shimmery or shiny or glittery so it’s gonna end up
being a gloss coat over the top which I need to buy some more I tapped out my
last can of spray sealer that’s something that I do outside it’s really
stinky but it does a great job of giving a good fine mist a seal over everything
so that were this to get splashed with water there won’t be any any running of
anything that I used of course my you know color to crayons are water soluble
but they are water soluble oil pastel so they are rather opaque when you first
put them on and I use them in kind of an oil pastel sort of a way on some of the
problem of the stuff and then on other stuff I blend it with a little bit of
acrylic paint on my brush and that gives me a smooth blend so I’m adding more
colors and more layers of color to her skin and her her neck and her arm and as
I go through trying to get it to be what the way I want it you know I want her to
have luminescent glowing skin so adding some different you know different skin
tones different some yellow some pink just yeah it’s a process I probably put
some time in between when the camera shut off after art joy of sharing
probably when I was talking to paying about the following week I was still
working on the skin and then so then when the next part started up I’d
already put at least one layer over their original layer so yeah so here I
am painting in that other part of the doily there with the same coppery Sedona
Sedona colored paint and copper paint and of course this is a little bit fussy
because had I just sponged it before I glued it on there would have been so
much easier than trying to paint around it without getting the paint on you know
the rest of the canvas but I didn’t live and learn I also added
some of that same color to the center of the fabric flower it had some on there
that’s sort of a rusty color on there already terracotta rust color but it was
hidden a little bit by my purple paper flower there so I jazzed that up a
little bit then I added a little bit of the lighter color to the center of my
what would what ends up being leaves which is that piece of sorry ribbon
that’s glued on there to kind of match up the same greenish teal color that’s
at the top the fabric that I used was a little bit darker and so I wanted to
lighten it up slightly and just adding some red because I’m sticking through
the whole project so I’m sticking with the same colors obviously Here I am
making her lips a little bit more full because they looked a little bit thin to
me so just kind of adding a little bit more color to the edges of it and then
again lightening up that lower lip it’s you you know where the light would shine
I keep holding it up and looking at it to make sure everything is balanced so
now I’ve got my Stabilo all pencil and this is a highly water reactive pencil
and I can sharpen it to a fine point so I’m I’m drawing around things and then
blending that with a wet paintbrush eventually I get out a water brush to
blend because it’s a little bit easier just you know you don’t want the paint
brush to be totally wet so you have to get in a little bit wet then wipe it off
and and then get it you know it’s easier to do it with a water tank brush but I’m
adding in darks I’m adding well now I’m not now I’m adding in lights
I’m going back and forth but with this dávila wall pencil I’m adding in dark
accents around you know like a dark shadow around everything to make it more
visually pleasing into get kind of stand off the background so
I do that I had already done a little bit of it and I do it some more around
the girl around the seams of the dress around the lace around the tile at the
top to make those trims stand out a little bit just blending and blending so
that it’s not a harsh line but gives kind of a shadowy effect around the top
of the halo and the crown and it really does make a huge difference when you add
a shadow around collage on images it’s something you should always do it makes
it look so much more dynamic and it makes the composition feel as if
everything that was glued on there was intentionally put on there and it wasn’t
it should be there as opposed to just things being stuck on you know willy
nilly and random so the black around the trim makes the trim stand out more around her I’m putting I’m putting the
black but I’m blending it in it so that it doesn’t look like illustration lines
as much as a shadow although it still kind of doesn’t like illustration lines
because I’m an illustrator that’s what I do
I can’t stop myself but I’m also a collage artist and this is what I like
to do when I do collage then I’ve got some metallic gold paint still left on
the palette and I’m dry brushing that over the lace trim and also that the
other trim was silver colored and I needed to change it to be you know more
within the warm tones rather than that cool silver just did not match at all
but what I wanted was the dimension of the in the pattern of the trim and I’m
not so concerned about the colors because I can always change the color of
anything that I put on there with paint so I’m not always concerned about the
colors sometimes I leave things the color they are like the ribbon up at
the top is the exact match for that greenish teal ish color and it has some
cute little hearts on it so I left it what how it was but then with like the
silver trim I painted over it so now I’m adding some highlight and shadow to that
gold crown at the top using some light yellow on the side that the light would
be coming from and then some ochre color on the other side just to give it more
dimension and and I also added kind of like a little pattern around the the
base of it and now I’m adding all the embellishments and this was a long
process you better believe it beads stick on Jim’s buttons I put a
button to the center of the flower down below and then a stick on Jim on top of
that to hide the two little holes that buttons have where you you know sew it
on that little color-coordinated kit that’s in the bottom right hand side is
from oh gosh I’ll link it in the description box below I also gave her a
monroe piercing I thought she needed a shiny beauty mark it’s just a little
stick on diamonds I’d kind of like to have a lot more piercing myself so that
would be like where a beauty mark is you know people used to stick beauty marks
on their face back in the I don’t know probably 50s or 60s but nowadays you
just get a piercing and wear a little stud in it or something which I would
wear if I got one I wear a little diamond in it then I’m adding some
different types of stick on Jim’s on to the crown I’m using mixed-media glue
from thermo web it’s the eye craft mixed-media glue and the reason that I
like it it’s really sticks very nicely everything’s
very well with it but also has a very fine nozzle so I can put just a little
dot and these gems have sticky stuff on the back but I want to actually glue
them on as opposed to just you know like if it was a card or something I would
just use the sticky on the back to stick it down but I want it to be a permanent
fixture there so I’m using it with a little teeny tiny dot of glue this is
fussy this is very fussy work but it does really add to your final product to
have all these little things bits and bobs now I’m giving your pearl necklace
using some pearly beads from this little kit that I have and I have a pickup tool
there that I’m picking them up with it has a sticky stuff on it that helps you
pick it up then the hand when I had attached the hand onto the canvas the
collage it’s just a hand it’s not an arm and so there’s like a look there was a
little line that was bothering me a lip where the paper stopped and the paint
started and so I decided to give her a wrist band bracelet so I used some kind
of crocheted lace and then put some little stick on gems in the appropriate
colors red green purple colors that are used in the composition decided she
would have more pearls so lid those on and then put a little stick on Jim down
at the bottom like it’s a little pendant I also found this I think it’s a charm
that’s what it is it’s a charm that’s like a bow and a heart and I thought
that that would look cute right at the bodice of her dress so I glued that on
it’s silver I’m gonna change it a color of it obviously because nothing else on
here is silver and I use these gilding waxes this is Inka gold new chichi to
add some more shimmer and to change the color of things and highlight things so
I first started with kind of coppery ron’s one and I changed the silver charm
into Capri coloured and then this one is called old silver but it’s actually gold
it’s like a bright a bright gold color and I’m using it at for highlights on
all kinds of things all over the place and putting that one on all over the
place even on her face just using my my finger as an applicator and that that’s
just it’s like you know the gilding on the cake
okay the frosting on the gate so then I put the two corners I didn’t quite like
how the collage ended and so I’m adding a little bit of paint with my finger
some lavender paint to just kind of blend in those corners a little bit and
then I end up going over it also with a little bit more stenciling with some
light yellow color so I hope you’ve enjoyed this please remember to give me
a thumbs up leave me a comment below subscribe if you haven’t already and of
course share if you want you this is a fun project that I think anyone could do
and I hope that you try it and what else don’t have anything else just say I
don’t think so that’s it for me there’s close-ups
coming up at the end bye bye

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