Modern multi-level house by Planner 5D MAC app
Modern multi-level house by Planner 5D MAC app

Creating a three store house, with balconies, swimming pool and a huge yard House on a slope: three floors on a south side, two – from the north Creating first floor Creating a stair space First floor decoration Setting first floor furniture Creating Second Floor In stair area we hide ceiling on the first and floor on the second floor Second floor decoration Creating a railing Balconies will be created using Magic Cube tool Setting up a third floor Deleting ceiling and floor (on the upper floor) for stair space Do not forget to decorate second and third floors, set up their furniture Creating one more railing Creating a big third floor balcony Decorating north side of the house Do not forget the roof It is created with the Magic Cube tool Railings are necessary both for stairs and balconies Creating paths Landscape is creating both with plans and Magic Cube tool Creating yard stairs and railings Creating a yard and landscape form the north side of the house Outdoor lighting will highlight the advantages of the yard 3D HD Snapshot

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  2. vivie ee says:

    I love your video🤗🤗keep up💫

  3. Altamash Parwaiz says:

    Are you an architech or a civil engineer

  4. Ушастое чудо says:

    It's very cool! 😇😇😍😍😍😱😱

  5. Brokeass Multi says:

    Use my code XRCANMX to unlock items

  6. Brokeass Multi says:

    Are u using a free version of planner 5d and want to make a second floor? If you don't know how to do it, just reply to this and I will do a tutorial of it. I will also give you the link to my project so that you can see it.

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  8. bon bon 2.0 says:

    i cant install it because it wont let me so FIX IT

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  10. Faraz Khan says:

    Plot size kya hai

  11. J Cook says:

    What’s the maximum number of floors you can add with Planner 5D Premium?

  12. Vikas says:

    Nice bro

  13. Angel Afalla says:

    Why is the garage on the second floor of the house?

  14. ANHKHOA vuichannel says:

    BẠN nên cho nhạc vào video cho nó sôi động, bạn dạy rất chi tiết, thank you

  15. Nishaa Nee says:

    The furniture looks so good or even the color of the outside and the inside

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