More from the Oscars Red Carpet
More from the Oscars Red Carpet

– I mentioned the Oscars
were on Sunday, and we saw people from London, and we saw people from France, and we saw Neil Patrick Harris’
underpants. [laughter and applause] See, the old– I thought it would be fun to send my writers
Kevin and Lauren to cover the red carpet
at the Oscars, and I– ’cause I like them very much,
and they’re funny. And they said, “Oh, I don’t
think that’s a good idea. We’re not gonna be good
at that.” And I didn’t believe them,
but they were right. They are not good.
[laughter] But there’s a lot that
we didn’t show you, and there’s a reason why,
but I’ll show it to you now. – Those are the hundreds of
press people that we are gonna have to claw
and compete with to bring you
the best interviews tonight. – I’m scared.
– We’re really scared. And right behind us,
Kim Kardashian. [laughter] You look so gorgeous. – Thank you.
Thank you very much. – Thank you for stopping by.
– Sure. [both laughing]
– We’re terrible at this. – Yeah, you guys are awful
at this. – We’ve never done this before, so we don’t even know
what we’re doing. – We’ve never done it before.
– Do you need help? – Yeah.
– We need a lot of help. – Aren’t you supposed to
ask questions? – Yeah. – For the first half
of the red carpet, we only held the microphones
to ourselves. – Oh, no.
– Yeah, no. They would come by–
[laughing] – Should I ask you guys–
– Yes, please. – Yes. That would be great.
Where are you guys from? – New Jersey.
– Tucson. – Oh, really?
Where in Jersey? – East Brunswick.
– I love downtown Tucson. – It’s the best, right?
– It is the best. – Where did you grow up?
– Where are you from? – I’m from Manhattan.
– Oh. We’re getting better at this,
I think. – Yeah.
– Thank you so much. – Well, now we know
a little bit about each other. – This was really in-depth.
– We learned. Thank you so much.
[both laughing] – Such a fun night. Let’s talk about you.
How are you feeling? – I’m good.
I’m really good. Really great.
No pressure. Yeah.
Congratulations. – You look beautiful.
– Have fun tonight. – We will.
– [laughs] – We’re the fun.
– Yep. all: Hi.
– Hello. Nice to see you.
– Good to see you. Congratulations.
– Yes, congratulations. – Your movie was so phenomenal. – Thank you.
I appreciate that. Thank you very much. – How are you feeling tonight? – I feel great. – Julianne Moore.
– Julianne Moore. – Julianne Moore. – Julianne told us to tell you
that she says hi. – Octavia.
– Octavia. – You could tell
she wanted to talk to us. – Yeah,
she wanted to talk to us. – But she couldn’t.
– But she wasn’t able to. – No, the show starts in
45 to 55 minutes… – She had to hurry up
and get in. – So she’s got to get in there. – Anna. Who are you excited to see
today, Anna? – Anna, who are you wearing,
et cetera? – She is so nice.
– She’s so sweet. – She’s so nice. – Hi, Will.
– How are you? – Hello, how are you guys doing? – Great.
– So awesome. How are you is the question. – Oh, I’m chillin’. [both chuckle] – Lupita.
– Lupita. – Lupita.
Lupita’s brother. – Lupita’s brother.
– Lupita’s brother. We need you. We can’t get Lupita Nyong’o’s… both: Brother. – He got taken away.
– He got taken away from us. – This is a tough business.
– Whoo. – This is terrible. – We are not doing great
out here. – We have Emma Stone’s mother.
– Emma Stone’s mother. – This is a “Ellen Show”
exclusive. – No, we never would. – With those beautiful eyes, why would we put you
on television? – [laughs] – This is an exclusive
mom and daughter interview. – Yeah, this is very exciting. – Your mom and daughter
interview. – They’re telling you
you have to take your seats, but Lauren has to tell you
one thing first. – What’s up? – Well, I got some best friend
necklaces, and I was just wondering if maybe you would
like to be my best friend– if you were interested
in that sort of thing. – I don’t think I can wear it
right now because– – No, I wouldn’t want–
no, yeah, yeah, yeah. But you can just, like,
keep it with you forever. – Oh, my God. I love it.
Thank you. – Do you want “best”
or “friends”? – I like “best.”
– Okay. I’ll be “friends.” – Because I am the– Bye.
[all laugh] – Here’s some people. [people speaking indistinctly] – [laughs] – Jared. – You too.
– Have a great night. Wow, that is Jared Leto telling
us to have a great night. – To have a good night. And he totally stole
your haircut. – Yeah. – Bradley Cooper.
– Bradley Cooper. – Meryl Streep.
– Meryl Streep. – Oprah Winfrey.
– Oprah Winfrey. – All people we have not seen
or talked to. – Have not seen tonight. [cheers and applause] – Aw, thank you,
Kevin and Lauren.

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