Mosaic art : How to grout tile video 2018
Mosaic art : How to grout tile video 2018

we had a question on one of the videos call it grouting special glass tiles and um it said hi and do you have any videos on types of grout or do you use the same crowd for exterior and interior thank you I don’t know how to expel the name Shane cares caris I guess so that’s an important question that’s why I wanted to film it it’s like I’m checking my nails by the way my emails so the thing is so the grouting is to fill the empty spaces if you know what I mean and actually you can short grouting material to interior and exterior that’s correct and you can also sort them sort of this kind of groaning material in larger joints you know what the gap between the tiles which are between I guess zero one and bigger like two centimeters there are more sites or even things which looks like muslin has to get around two centimeters maybe one centimeter life you have them more in in our newest animals like like the one you saw in Spain so when you are before you start any grouting before you buy anything you need to read that package unfortunately unfortunately I don’t any groaning material in a studio right now but the thing is there is a lot of letters on that package and you have to check it will say groaning good to use from 0 to 2 millimeters or like groaning good to use 4 0 5 millimeters these are the gaps between the tiles by the way and there are kind of a girls which said good to use for 1 or 5 centimeters you know the difference in a material in the chemical way is it has a kind of percent inside you know sand and when you have bigger gaps between your towels you have to use grout which has sense that sand which is big sand tiles if you know what I mean forget about the sample do you won’t see them so go just check your package then the letters and it will say in the front of that package kind of back side is more and more letters you can treat them as well and on the front you will see definitely it is good to use for joints between 0 1 millimeter to 2 a 2 and blah blah then every surface interior exterior and the thing I’m checking my emails by the way that’s why I’m looking up to the office ok it is definitely the growth is definitely different for interior and the difference is exterior ground material has the kind of silicone inside just imagine you made a mosaic and also for swimming pools you know swimming pool is also exterior its kind of exterior but there’s a lot of water so the thing is growth grout for exterior places has the kind of the silicon in this silicon will help to will help each water drop – you know slight slide on the surface this is the right way other way other way if you use interior if you want to use material growth material somewhere outside and exterior you don’t you will not have any silicone inside the crowd so that water will the right way to say by the ground and will stay there the growing that grout that joint will get wet imagine you are in a winter it will get frozen after and it will start to crack so that’s why you definitely have to use its rule almost exterior grouting for exterior places you have to ask which one is the excerpt with the interior or you can just read the package there is written everything also either exterior no matter if use interior or exterior grout you have to check the joint together size as well for inter and exterior there are also some kind of the epoxy grouting stuff which is good to use most at mosaic flooring it most like flooring you have this problem for example let’s say it’s also different when you know when you make most like flooring in a house it’s not a big deal or an apartment because not many people will run over your mosaic but it’s different when you use mosaic flooring and in a public place like a new park so many many people will you will have a lot of foot traffic this is very neat actually the epoxy stuff epoxy is really not easy to first of all they have two components you need to mix it together in the right way and excuse me and you have to use it and Jesus know in a very short time you are limited in time so no mistakes are will come during the application I use this just once it was a flooring in a house a tree and a lot of people was running inside it was because so a lot of people was working in the house and they want to have it the mosaic applies by using epoxy the good thing epoxy in epoxy is the ground and the gluing is the same material so you roll your material at new stuff you know your grouting it which is the same time you’re gluing material on a floor you lay your tiles and then you start to press it you know your mosaic until it’s flat and you know it is a no-till to get in the right position and then some growling will come out you know between that gaps that we have on our mosaic and then with this stone you can Draghi almost like as well so you can glue your most like on a floor and you can grow your mosaic with the same material you have also the same where you have to choose your your growling car your car I can say in most of cases you have to choose your grout color as your background color it’s closest to your background color and the reason is to bring more contrast to the the main object which is on your place it on your mosaic if you have a red circle made with mosaic and let’s say a black background then you have to choose the black girl color it will but this hole doesn’t work always if you have a white background to a song let’s say a black letters if you’re gonna use white background color that color will also affect affect your black letters you will have a lot of white inside your black which will actually rule in against the whole design and so what you can do you can just tape the sides of your your black letter make your colors black one more thing when you are choosing your grout type there is the vibration vibration thing when you are making a mosaic and an airport when you’re making a mosaic which will replace an airport or in a subway or even in a yacht or on a on a on a ship then you have to you need to be carefully by choosing abroad because you will need a very strong one which can avoid the vibration which will come to your mouth like you know when you start a super yacht you know and it turn the key it will go like you know and when you use just some some cheap crowd material you will be in big trouble and also the same on big you know this transatlantic ships they have also a lot of nose legs inside and believe me you have to choose it very carefully talk to the supplier and our command key to use to ask if your brands like be a SF bus and there is my pie my pie it’s very very cool brand to have a lot of a lot of types of grouting when technically when you need some technical advisors call these guys and let them give you some advice you will have pain okay if you have any other question just let me know and I will some questions I’m and I’m responds to them by writing but this was an important question of grouting is important most of the people don’t care what the same is also does gluing stuff you know gluing materials also amazing different and important there are different types of grueling materials for different places different in a swimming pool is different on super young it’s different when your flooring different when you’re applying mosaics to the wall was sealing and stuff so I want to say thank you for your question and see you at the next I won’t say block by the way I will drive to Istanbul in one hour because I said today after Monday today’s Monday well drive today tomorrow I will have the meeting with the lawyers about you notice people have used my design without any permission and we will we will see we will talk tomorrow I believe so take care of yourself [Music]

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  1. shan k says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Leasa M says:

    Hi Ayhan,
    I've watched your channel off and on for a couple of years and I would like to say how much i have enjoyed your style of presentation and the content. Very creative and original.
    I have a question that has nothing to do with grout. I am just curious about the nylon stuff you use under the mesh. What is the brand name? Or, what is it called? I live in the States and no one at the hardware store seems to know what it is. Thank you for your time and thanks for your great channel.

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