Mosaics For Beginners – Collecting Tessera – Video 5
Mosaics For Beginners – Collecting Tessera – Video 5

(Bubbles popping) – One of the places that’s
good for looking for tessera are the op-shops or thrift stores. I find they generally have a good variety and their prices are very cheap. I do stay away from the
multi-store national ones, because their prices are
exceedingly expensive and I just don’t even go near them. And I like supporting
the smaller op-shops, the independent ones,
because they usually support the local charities, the
churches, and the schools. So that’s a good place to start with. The other place that you can
go to are the garage sales. The problem with the garage sales though is that you can usually go
to four or five in a morning and you may not get anything, but you’ve done all that driving. So it’s best to organize the garage sales so you don’t have to drive
too far when you go to them. But you can pick up some
really good items from there, people are moving house and
they’re getting rid of items because they have to,
because they’re down-sizing or whatever the case may be. So garage sales you can
pick up some good items, but just be aware that if you
go to, you know four or five, in morning, you may not pick up anything. But, you know, you enjoy
the driving, you enjoy that, sort of atmosphere of garage sales, then that work could
work out well for you. The other ones to go to
are the two dollar stores, but be careful: There’s a
reason why they’re called the two dollar stores for new items. And that is sometimes
you can buy things like glass gems there and the color doesn’t go all the way through. So if that happens, when you
grout, the color can rub off. Be aware of that, but they do have quite a few really good items
at two dollar stores to buy. Car boot sales are another one, you can go to one area
and there’ll be a whole heap of car boot sales there,
that you can have a look for. Well then you might get
something out of each one of them or just you might get a
few items for the day. But the beauty about that is
that they’re all under one area so you don’t have to
drive too far for them. Markets are another one. There’s a lot of different
markets out there and they’re also a good place to go. Generally they’ll have second-hand items or they might have new items,
or a combination of both. But markets are really quite good. If you’re on a budget or you’re looking for more natural
items to use in your mosaic, you can go to a beach. You can walk along the shore and there’s generally shells there. There’s generally pebbles. You can pick up some driftwood
to use for an indoor piece. So beaches are another
way of collecting items that you can use. Now I know not everyone’s got a river in their neighborhood. But you can go on a
picnic and go to a river and walk along the edge
of the river and pick up some nice polished pebbles
and things like that. So there’s another way for you. Also you can go to council recycle depots. They’re also a good place
where people can donate really good quality items there that they’re also down-sizing their house. But also recycle depots
you can also pick up maybe shelving for your stained glass, or you might need shelving for your tools, or whatever the case may be. They’re also a good place to go to. Also craft stores are a good place to go. Here in Australia we have
Lincraft and Spotlight. Certainly not near as big as what our USA counterparts have, which is
Hobby Lobby and some other ones, some other major ones where
they have a lot more choice. But you can pick up some things from those that you might be able to use. Online stores are another place to start. There’s a lot of different online stores that you can choose from so you can, if you’re working during the
day and you’re coming home and you want to sit and relax
and look at online stores to choose your tessrae from, that’s a really good choice. It’s relaxing and it’s in your
time that you want to do it. So that’s great to look at
because there’s a lot of things you can buy online like vitreous tiles. You can buy hand-made ceramic flowers. Etsy is one store that you can buy from. But Australia has quite
a few good online stores. You can choose from
those without a problem. I hope you enjoyed the video. And if you did, have a look at the other ones in the series
Starting in Mosaics. Thank you for watching.

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