Mosaics – How to Use a Tile Nipper
Mosaics – How to Use a Tile Nipper

Hi, I’m Rita from Diamond Tech I’m here to show you just how easy it is to use Jennifer’s Mosaics Tile Nipper Our tile nippers can be used to cut mosaic tiles into square, round and random shapes Use them when working with vitreous, ceramic, marble or smalti tile Your tile nipper will come packaged with a tool and a spring You want to make sure you insert the spring between the handles before you begin using the tool Begin by holding the nipper comfortably in your hand, you’ll notice the strong jaws don’t meet fully, rather they leave a gap If the jaws close completely you’ll be crushing the tile rather than nipping the tile Lets nip some tile using the tile nippers – First make sure you’re wearing your safety glasses How you angle the blades on the tile will determine the cut you will achieve For cuts straight acress the tile, align the top edge of the tile nipper parallel to the edge of the tile Make sure your nipper is just at the edge For angled cuts, angle the blade on the tile, apply pressure at the edge To create a fracture across the tile surface To nip circles, I like to begin by drawing a circle on my tile, I use a Sharpie because it is easy to remove from the glass surface once I’m finished Next, I just like to bite away the corners And then take the center of the tile nipper and bite away at the edge Right around your outline until you get a complete circle Cutting marble is a little different than glass tile Instead of cutting at the edge, you are going to bring the tile to the center of the blades and press firmly Mosaics are fun when you have the right tool. Find Jennifer’s Mosaics at your favorite craft store And be sure to check us out on Facebook for more fun projects

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