Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Furniture ki dukan | Wow Kidz
Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Furniture ki dukan | Wow Kidz

Chingam sir, you do the inaugurations of our shop. Oh my god! No Motu, I have always fallen in trouble every time I have inaugurated your shop, but not today. Don’t say like this, please sir. You are our lucky mascot. No! Ok give me, I will do the inauguration. I want a double bed by evening, here take my address. Dr. Jhatka and I will make the double bed, you two make something else. Look I have made a chair. Take a look, the chair is proper now, I will sit on it first. I will sit. Hey friends, I will sit first. I will sit first. With so much hard work I made this chair, and you all broke it. Oh my lord! if you all help me, then I can complete my cupboard quickly. Give it, I will help you, Dr. Jhatka and Patlu you two go and make the double bed. Look Ghasitaram, I have fitted the door of the cupboard so fast. Oh my lord! You have locked me inside, get me out of here fast. Mummy! Why is this door not opening? Because Motu has fixed the handle on the wrong side, the door is on the other side. I did not realize in hurry. Don’t worry Ghasitaram, Motu has hammered the nails on the door. We will have to cut the cupboard with a saw and remove you from there. No! Don’t cut it with a saw, I am inside, please save me, Come on we will teach Motu Patlu lesson, because of them we have got hurt. Don’t get angry Chingam sir, they did not do it on purpose. Today I will not leave them today, I will put them all behind bars. Chingam sir you get angry very fast. Now I know why you are not getting angry, you want to buy furniture from them. You do not know how to hold nails and you have became a carpenter? Give it to me, I will show you how to hold a nail. Oh my god! Sir you somehow invite trouble and then you get angry on Motu Patlu. What was the need to hold the nail? Right Motu? Trouble can come to anyone anytime. Now I am sitting quietly in one corner, how can any trouble come to me? Yes trouble will come to you when you stand up, not only on you but us also. Look I am standing. Oh what happened? How did this stool stick to my backside? Remove this immediately or else I will break your bones. Pull with all your strength. Just a minute boxer sir, I will use the saw and remove the table from back. Oh no! I don’t trust you, instead of table I don’t know what you will cut? Boxer stop, stop in the name of the law, just tell me this makes you angry or not? Remove me I will not leave you. Let Chingam be inside, if he comes out then the costumer will run away. My double bed is ready or not? Yes it is ready sir look. Remove me out! Look there is so much storage space, sir where are you? Remove me, I want to sleep on the bed, not inside the bed. Oh my lord! We are going to get thrashed today. Run! Sorry sir. Quickly deliver this bed to my house, I will give you the money there. Ok sir. I will not leave you, swear on Mother India, swear on Hindustan. Stop in the name of law. Why we are carrying this bed and running? There are small small wheels under this. Come on, let’s push and take it. Stop in the name of law. Oh my god! Boxer, now are you getting angry or not? Now tell me the truth, swear you on Mother India, your India. Chingam sir, I just can’t tell you how angry I am? Today I will not leave them both. That’s my boy, show it. Oh my god! Not me, I asked for Motu Patlu. Patlu, Chingam sir is following us, speed up, faster. I cannot run faster than this. Idea! Look them. No, they are still inside. Then Come on inside and lets thrash them. You didn’t have to hit me, you had to hit them. This is Motu, boxer sir come quickly. Why are you all hitting me? Somebody save. Oh sorry! Where is Motu Patlu? Jhatka and Ghasitaram have deserted us, now we only have to take this bed up. Come on let’s take the bed inside quickly. Thank God boxer is not here. Motu! Patlu! Stop in the name of law. Today I will not leave you, hey.

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