Multi Panel Wall Art Decorating Ideas from Retro Planet
Multi Panel Wall Art Decorating Ideas from Retro Planet

Imagine decorating with spectacular wall art
that’s as long as your couch! Our new oversized panel art can fill an entire
wall with colorful artwork that really draws the eye. This style of wall art uses multiple panels
that create a massive, continuous image. The panels are designed to be hung with small
gaps between them, which let the overall design blend into your decor in a natural, relaxed way. Each piece is made in the USA of quality,
heavy-duty steel with striking, sublimated artwork. Unlike traditional canvas art, the panels
wipe clean and are designed to last a lifetime. They’re ready to hang right out of the box,
with pre-drilled holes featuring grommets for secure mounting. And multi-panel art is much easier to move
and store than a single piece of the same size. Our panel art comes in many sizes and configurations. Three-panel (triptychs) and four-panel (quadriptychs)
are the most popular, with sizes ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet. Our largest panel art are perfect for company
lobbies, loft apartments, and other large-scale venues, like restaurants and bars. You can also choose from artwork with panels
arranged horizontally, vertically, or cross-hatch style. Each configuration adds different
visual movement to a room. We have an amazing selection of bold designs
and styles to match your home or office decor, like retro advertising, pop art,
and nature photography. Each design tells its own visual story and
creates an unforgettable display that embodies YOUR unique style and tastes. Ships directly from our manufacturer,
please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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