Hi guys! So today I am showing you guys
my all-time favorite home decor thrift finds and I’m so excited! I’ve gathered
up like all of my favorite thrifted treasures that I keep around our
apartment. There’s a little bunny right next to me. She just jumped up on the couch. Oh, bye! So these are kind of in no particular order but I am saving the
best few things for last. So I was originally going to do just like my
all-time favorite thrift finds, but I realized that I had a whole lot of
clothing and a lot of home decor so I’m splitting them into two videos. If you
guys want to see the clothing version of this please let me know and I will make
that happen for ya. Alright I’m gonna get started! So the first thing that I found
for two dollars at a thrift store in Orange County is this super cute little
clay watering-can. And this is a really dirty. I need to clean it. But the reason
I love this is the shape. It’s so so cool and it makes the best photo prop. I
use this in a lot of the photoshoots I do for my Instagram. I don’t actually
really use it to water plants very often so I have it like sitting on a shelf
and looking pretty. But it just makes me really happy every time I look at it and
you can tell it just like really old and used and I don’t know… I just think it’s
really cool! The next things that I found at a flea market that I absolutely love
are these at like vintage botanical prints. And I just grabbed one of them
because I didn’t want to grab them at all because I have like six or seven of
them. And these were six for five dollars, so super super cheap! And they’re just
from old old books. They’re like pages taken out of books basically, and they
line my hallway. I kind of sandwich them in between two pieces of wood that
I put magnetic strips on and then hung them by some twine, and I think that
these are so sweet and I really love vintage home decor but
it can be a challenge sometimes to incorporate like newer pieces with older
pieces and these they are in such good condition but also I feel like they’re
really muted colors and just the fact that it’s like… I don’t know it’s
supposed to be kind of like a textbook kind of a thing. It just gives a really
cool old vintage vibe and these make me really happy. I’m gonna say that a lot
because these are the things that like I have found at the thrift store that have
made my heart so so happy. Like when you see something you’re like, “Oh I can’t
believe they have that!” and then you put it in your house and every time you look
at it you smile. Like every single one of these pieces that I’m showing you guys
is one of those. So speaking of wall art… Matt’s probably
gonna yell at me for picking this up myself because it’s quite heavy and I am
But it’s not that heavy! The doctor said I’m okay up to 25 pounds and this
is probably like ten so no big! Um is this- I can’t even fit it all in the
frame- but it’s a vintage automobile map of Southern California, which if you guys
have been following this channel since I lived down there will know that that’s
where I grew up and where I just really want to move back. Our hometown is right…
Tustin! Right there! And I don’t know. I don’t love the frame that this came in
but I really really love the print and I got it knowing that we were probably
going to move up to Seattle at some point so it’s really cool to have that
hanging in our house because it’s kind of like a special personalized detail of
where I grew up. Then I have a couple of kitchen things and these might seem a
little bit silly that these are like my all-time favorite finds but… this bowl I
use all the time. It is my favorite bowl for baking, for making bread, basically
anything that involves any kind of dough goes in this because it’s the perfect
size. I really love the texture on the sides. This reminds me of like the bowls
that my grandma had growing up. And again its vintage but it’s also dishwasher
safe which I really love (so it’s not that vintage) and they actually had two
of these when I got this one. They had this one and they had one
that was slightly bigger and I kick myself all the time for not getting that
other one because I love this one so much and I use it all the time. Then
something else that I’ve thrifted that I also love is this teeniest tiniest
little wooden cutting board. And I don’t know why this makes me so happy. I think
because it’s just like small. It’s the perfect size for if I’m like cutting up
like charcuterie stuff for just me and Matt like before dinner and I love the
handle and this is old. Like it is really really worn and the wood is like super
nice quality but it’s got like knife scratches all over it and the sides are
like super worn and it just feels like somebody else’s like family history… like
in the kitchen making food or whatever… is like in this and so every
time I like use it I feel like I’m adding a little bit to that legacy. I
know that’s so silly because it’s just a cutting board but it’s so cute and I can
also display this and it’s really adorable. Another item that I found at a
Value Village that I really really love is this accordion shelf. This is normally
by our door and I hang all my purses and my umbrella and my scarf and everything
on it. And I see these like on the internet a lot, and I know you can also
buy them new but it was really cool to find one at a thrift store A) because it
was you know more affordable, but I think these are really cool and like a little
bit farmhouse-y but not too farmhouse-y. And it’s a lot prettier than like a
traditional coat rack. And I think these are actually supposed to like hold mugs
but if you’ve been on Instagram for more than like a day you’ve seen people like
hanging clothes and stuff on them and they’re so so cute. So now getting into
the really juicy stuff… I had been looking for one of these like rattan
peacock chair plant stands forever and I found one at Goodwill and I want to say
it was like $3! And it had like ribbon and lace like hot glued all around it
and it was like not cute, but I was able to pull it off and remove most of the
glue so you can still see glue and if you look real closely but honestly
nobody’s gonna looking at it that hard. And I think this
is so cute to just sit a little plant on. I feel like I have so many plants after
a while all the pots are like, “Okay what can I possibly do with like this plant
that’s different than everything else?” to have a little bit of like design going
on… this! This is what you can do with those kinds of plants. So so cute! And
then my next item is a human-sized rattan chair. So I have to mention this
one wasn’t actually thrifted, it was purchased from my favorite secondhand
seller so it was a little bit more pricey than it would have been had I
like found it at a thrift store, but I still wanted to mention it because I
think it is so unique. It’s like a barrel chair kind of a style and it’s lower to
the ground, and I think this is so beautiful. We’re probably gonna put this
in the baby’s nursery. Why did “nursery” sound so weird when I said it?
Nursery… Nur-nursery… The baby’s room! and I sewed a little linen like cushion
for it and I just think it’s so beautiful and neutral and boho and I’m
so glad that I bought it even though when I bought it I did not have space
for it anywhere in this apartment, but we’re gonna make it work.
Then since I’m talking about my favorite second-hand seller (I’ll leave her
Instagram page in the description) because I love her stuff I also really
love this 70s at Ratan bathroom shelf that I purchased from her. This is the
coolest like shelf that goes above the toilet and it has this cool like floral
pattern on the side and I swear it looks like something you would buy at like
Urban Outfitters but it’s actually like authentic like old which is so cool and
I much prefer because A) the quality is a lot nicer and B) it’s just more unique
and it has like a history to it which I really like. And then you probably
already saw this coming because I talk about this shelf a lot. My all-time
favorite thrifted home decor item that I’ve ever found
is this rattan bookshelf that I got at Value Village for $13! I am obsessed with
this thing. There are so many different ways to style it. Right now it’s kind of
just a storage area while we’re getting the baby’s room all set up but I think
eventually we’re gonna put his books and toys on it. And this is the most special
unique piece! I can’t believe that I got it for $13. I can’t believe I found at a
thrift store to begin with because people sell them online for like 200
bucks which is just nuts! But it was for sure my most exciting to find of my
entire life thus far. I really really love it! So those are all of my all-time
favorite home decor thrift finds. I hope that I find a million more items like
this in the future. I find so much joy in thrifting especially because I know it’s
better for the environment, it’s definitely better for my wallet, and I
feel like my home has more of a like personal and unique touch to it than it
would if I was buying all of my furniture and like decor stuff from
big-box stores. I would love to know what your all-time favorite thrift find has
been in the comments down below because I’m always looking for inspiration and
trying to decide like what I should be looking for when I go to thrift stores
because I feel like a lot of these things if I wasn’t specifically looking
for them I would have passed right by them. And then some of them are just nice
surprises! So you’ve got to have a good balance. Please don’t forget to subscribe
to this channel if you haven’t already if you want to see the all-time favorite
thrift find clothing edition. Hint, this dress is gonna be in it! And give this
video a big old thumbs up! I hope you guys have an awesome day wherever you
are and I will see you all my next video! Bye!

8 thoughts on “MY BEST THRIFT FINDS OF ALL TIME | Home Decor”

  1. Megan Acuna says:

    Thanks for watching, guys! What's your all-time favorite thrift find?

  2. Stephanie Marcino says:

    That bassinet I sent you a picture of (my fur babies sleep in it everyday 😂), a barrister bookcase, and my Carlisle pottery barn sofa.

  3. Destiny Noel says:

    If we are talking home decor,it is definitely my sewing machine table. Its straight out of the 70s so it has that "modern 70s" look everyone is recreating with furniture 🥰❤ Yes! do a clothing part 2 of this vid!

  4. Mackenzie Fauque says:

    I thrifted a really cool plant stand that is wicker! I also have thrifted a TON of artwork that I love!

  5. Emily Engle says:

    I found a wicker arch shelf at our Goodwill outfit and got it for $4.99. I think I reacted to same way you did 😂 like pure shock and immediately claimed it. I don’t have a car that fit it so my brother was so nice and came and got it and drove it home for me. One of my favorite finds too!!

  6. Marisa Badamo says:

    Definitely want to see the favorite thrifted clothing finds! I thrifted the cutest copper watering can last week that’s my current obsession 😍

  7. Kaitlyn Ream says:

    Found three mini peacock chairs on the same day at two different shops and almost peed myself.

  8. Rebecca Hurford says:

    My best thrift find is a vintage Laura Ashley creamy white and floral maxi dress that is absolutely the perfect perfect fit and length on me. It is so well made and I wear it more than any other item and across all seasons! For home decor, it has to be my books (hear me out) because I love having shelves full of books and it makes me so happy to arrange them all neatly and I look at them all the time and there's no way I could have such a varied and extensive collection without buying them second hand! Plus, thrifting an entire series of 15 books bit by bit over a couple of years is so rewarding when you finally have them all!

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