My dad’s Plant Tour
My dad’s Plant Tour

My dad lives in the city of Tarapoto In the jungle of Peru. You have to take care of them, you have to talk to them. This is the house in which he grew up, This used to be my grandparents’ house. Today my dad is going to tell us a little about his plants, And a little about his home. Welcome to the my dad’s house plant tour! The garden has not been like this forever, the garden used to look like more like a forest It has had many more plants It’s had many more and I hired the gardeners, from a nursery that is here in Tarapoto I hired them to design it better for me, right? Then they sent Jim from the jungle That’s how I call Jim Siensa They sent him to see … and design this beautiful garden And he did very well it seems to me, Everybody likes it! Well, this garden was preserved by Otita, La mamita, Mom kept it very beautiful, It’s a tribute to her I call it “My beloved’s garden” We try to keep it pretty, Just how she had it. In memory, in homage to her. That Buganbilia has more than … it must have something around… 50 years or so. Or maybe a little more. And that cat eats grass. (the dogs bark since they saw the cat) -And these purple flowers, how long have they been here? This vine we put last year. I saw they had one at the nursery, They have a smaller one in the nursery. From the same plant. And Jim told me that this was going to grow more or less in 6 months, And so it is happening. Those pendants I brought them from the United States, The pallets with pots that are on the wall, on the blue wall, -That wasn’t the last time I came (2017) -no Those have a year or less And it occurred to me one day! We had a couple of pallets laying around, I think Laurita had brought a pallet For Franchesco’s homework. And it occurred to me to do that; Put it there on the wall with the pots. -It looks so pretty! And what about the flat pots, had you seen it? -Or did it occur to you? I saw they had the flat pots at the nursery. But they had another type of rack made of iron. And much bigger than this. -And the colors, did you choose them too? The colors yes, I like to combine colors, Just like I combine the colors in the little birdhouses -And the bird houses? The bird houses came to me many years ago. I saw them a lot when I was in the United States I saw them, I liked them, Same with feeders, The hummingbirds feeders And what do they have inside, water? I make a mixture; the nectar is prepared with 4 parts of water And a part of sugar, white cane sugar. You can’t use any of those panela or chancaca. Because the hummingbirds are very exquisite, They like to choose. I am painting these; – These are made by the carpenter. Yes, Rubén makes them I give him the design He prepares them, prepares the wood He brings them to me like that and I paint them myself. One at the time. -Lore has also painted some Lorena has made the drawings that are on the painting that I put. And sometimes friends come and make their doodles. Like this one here. They are all pretty That one there is used I got her off where she was hanging because she needs maintenance. The paint was already a little damaged. So I am painting it again Same inside That’s what I’ve been up to. The white part is getting dark. The storage room, The engine of the Jeep! My rocking chair with a broken seat. I had never come here
-You have never entered? The suitcases… They are full of things, There I have papers, books, a whole lot of things. Where is Ivo?
-I think he’s in the bathroom Ivo: What happened?
Julio: Ah! We were wondering what where you up to I thought you were filming too
Ivo: No … Look, we are leaving and Poma Rosa begins to fall Can you tell us a bit about the Poma Rosas? These Poma Rosas are also about the same age as the Bougainvillea. This courtyard used to have the Poma Rosas and in those holes that you see there, There were small coconuts. They do not grow very tall, lower than these woods. And they produce coconuts. There I have the orchid, which is called Ear of Elk. Every little light bulb has a basket on top of the Poma Rosas. There we have another orchid, see? And Jim is going to bring more to stick them to the Mango. And how does it work? you cut the bark until it is green and stick it there? It’s glued and tied, so that it sticks by pressure. And then the orchid roots attach to the bark. Now, why does it stick in the bark? Because the mango has much more moisture and the orchid grows much faster. The poma rosa has a very dry crust. Then it takes longer to mate, to stick. When the poma rosa fruit falls all the floor gets fuchsia. I can send you photos to your whatsap They refresh the environment, They produce a lot of oxygen. Let’s go to the back garden? There used to be baby chickens, right?
There were many chickens And you fed them You milled the corn and fed them. The garden … What are these, coconuts? These are the coconuts Coconut, mango, avocado, There is another mangoe. And there is the Jeep It is over 50 years old -And you drive it? The Jeep is 53 years old -And you drive it? Not now, because the engine is disarmed. It is being restored. We will restore it. It’s a Jeep Jeepster Commando Year 1967, manufactured in the United States, By Kayser corporation. -How do you remember? I have all those data, I have them in my head, I adore this car. And look at the plate it has. It is an RX Such a beautiful color!
-Yes, very pretty And what are those, banana leaf? No, those leaves are from Bijao, To prepare Juane. The moment you boil them, cook them, the smell and taste comes out. And how is it that there are so many plants in your house? There were many more, but Jim sorted the garden a little. And he planted several around, next to the wall. In the background there is a renato tree And on top of the renato a Bougainvillea has grown. I really like plants, I like nature a lot. Look, come over here From here you can shoot the beauty of that car. Although it is dirty, it still looks good. You have to fix the engine then. The engine must be fixed and we’ll be able to go for a ride. Where are we going to go? We’ll to Sauce, crossing the Huallaga river. That’s the garden: Bijao, Palm tree, Cypress, a big Cypress. If I come to spend Christmas next year I will decorate it with Christmas decorations. Of course, because it is a perfect Christmas tree. And this cable? This cable is for drying clothes. But you have to be careful, because the dogs pull the clothes And they break everything. The bells, But you can’t transplant them because it dries. That’s what Jim from the jungle has said Do you have a shot from Malbec yet? And Shadow? El Shadow is already a little old. There he comes. And you told me that it’s not raining much in Tarapoto, right? It isn’t raining at all. And that affects your plants? You have to water them, you have to take care of them, you have to talk to them. Right? There are the crotos. Those crotos have come from the garden inside. We had many so we planted some here. Thanks for showing us your pretty house. Of course, it’s yours. It’s a Jeepster Commando. There you can see it. It is a bit filthy but there it is, we will pimp it.

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